Step by Step Remove Mildew Smell from Carpet

Step by Step Remove Mildew Smell from Carpet

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Beautiful carpet is the best decorations and gives more comfort.

Not only beautiful visually, but your carpet needs to have pleasant smell. If your carpet starts to produce unpleasant smell, this mostly because there is mildew lurking in it.

You can either get it cleaned by professional cleaner or clean it yourself at home using these methods.


Step 1 – Vacuum the Affected Area

You need to locate the area which needs cleaning or the source of the smell. Clean thoroughly using powerful vacuum if possible because a small hand vacuum might still leave the dust or dirt in the carpet. Before moving the next step, make sure the carpet is cleaned well.

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Step 2 – Sprinkle Baking Soda

If the affected area has been completely cleaned, leave the absorbing odor task to baking soda. Sprinkle an enough amount of baking soda on the area and leave it for two to three days. Make sure you sprinkle the baking soda evenly.

After the allotted time, you could check the smell. If it completely disappears, use vacuum cleaner to clean the baking soda from the carpet.

Instead of baking soda, some people use borax, a natural alkaline mineral salt which will also help you get rid of the musty smell.

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Step 3 – Spray White Vinegar

If there’s smell which still lingers after you do step three, you could try using white vinegar. Like baking soda, vinegar is a kitchen ingredient well-known for its ability to get rid off difficult odors.

You need the mixture of one part white vinegar with two parts warm water and spray it over the affected area thoroughly. Leave it for one or two days and dry the carpet afterwards.

Alternative: If you want to try using baking soda and white vinegar at the same time, you could spray the carpet first with white vinegar then sprinkle the soaked area with baking soda. Give some time for the carpet to dry then vacuum the remaining baking soda to clean it completely.

Step 4 – Apply Enzyme Cleaner

If those household ingredients do not work, you should think of using enzyme cleaning solution. Pour the liquid on the affected area and wait for one or two days. After this period of time, check the carpet and dry it perfectly so that the mildew won’t return.

Step 5 – Run a dehumidifier

Running a dehumidifier is needed to keep the humidity in the normal level, especially if you live in a climate with high humidity. Besides, it also helps you ensure that the remaining mildew (if still exists) don’t grow and cause another bad smell.

Those steps are worth trying before you go to professional cleaner to remove stains and smell from your carpet. Though it takes time, it is cheaper and you will be able to save more.

However, maintaining the cleanliness of your house is as important so that you don’t have to sacrifice your time or money on these things. Clean your carpets thoroughly and regularly and your house will be mildew-smell-free.

5 Step Remove Mildew Smell from Carpet

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