How to Clean Epoxy Floor

How to Clean Epoxy Floor

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Epoxy is a kind of floor that is known for its smooth finish and resilience. It is usually used in the garages or industrial settings.

Because of its usefulness, epoxy floor gets dirty very easily. Fortunately, maintaining epoxy floor is quite simple.

Here is the following list of methods in cleaning the epoxy floor.

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1. Cleaning Up Spills

This method is useful to clean up spills in some spots in the epoxy floor. You can use paper towels or soft cloth to clean up.

It can suffice for all stains except the greasiest ones. Clean up the stains as soon as possible to make it easy to remove. If stains are difficult to remove, you may use another way.

Mix two gallons of hot water with one cup (237 ml) of vinegar in the bucket. Then, use brush or kitchen sponge to rub the stains. The floor will be clean and shiny as usual.

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2. Cleaning the Whole Floor

Cleaning the whole floor from any tenacious stains is not difficult as thought. By following these instructions, you may clean the epoxy floor with ease.

  1. Remove any obstructions, such as furniture, tools, vehicles, and other objects on the floor that you want to clean.
  2. Sweep the whole floor by a dust mop. Make sure that the floor is ust mop. and other objectsnstructions, you may clean the epoxy floor easily. as possible to make itclean from any dirt, dust, etc.
  3. Mix a gallon of hot water with four ounces (118 ml) of ammonia in the bucket. If it has already mixed properly, pour it into the spray bottle.
  4. Spray the whole floor with the ammonia mixture and mop it by using hard foam mop (do not use string mops because it is not effective to clean up the stains).
  5. After several minutes, rinse the floor by using water. You can hose down the floor or use a bucket of water to splash the floor. Mop once more to make sure the stains on the floor are gone.

3. Keeping the Floors Pristine

The final step in maintaining the epoxy floor is keeping the floors pristine. This is important to prevent tenacious stains that are difficult to clean back in soiling the floor in the house.

The common thing to do is keeping a walk-off mat near the entrance. It will allow people to scrub off shoes and boots before entering the house.

If it happens on the floors in your garage, you can place a cardboard under each tire of your vehicles or put a mouse pad under the motorcycle’s kickstand.

These two things will help you in protecting floors from stains that are attached to tires or the motorcycle’s kickstand. Moreover, it will also keep the floor from any damage that is caused by them.

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Cleaning up the epoxy floor is simple and easy to do. By using the common stuffs that are available at your house or that can be obtained easily at nearest store, epoxy floors will be clean and shiny again. Follow these steps above correctly to attain the best results.

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