How to Clean Rubber Floor Mats roll

How to Clean Rubber Floor Mats

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Rubber floor mats are usually used in buildings or cars. Cleaning up the rubber floor mats is very easy.

By using a simple way and tools that are easily to be obtained in your house or nearest store, your rubber floor mats will return as it was when purchased.

Here is the following list on how to clean rubber floor mats in simple way.

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Cleaning Rubber Floor Mats

As mentioned earlier, rubber floor mats can be used in buildings (commercial rubber floor mat) and cars (automobile rubber floor mat).

The difference between these two rubber floor mats is only the size used, in which commercial rubber floor mat is usually larger than the automobile one.

The way to clean between them is not much different. Here are the steps to clean it.

  1. Shake off dirt and debris from rubber floor mats. You must beat them outside the house or car for a few times. If they have large size, you can sweep or vacuum them to make it clean.
  2. Hose the mat in moderate to high pressure. Do not use pressure washers to spray it because it will make the rubber mat broken.
  3. Scrub the whole of the mat by using a brush and soap. If there are stains that are difficult to clean, give more pressure to clean it until the stains are removed. However, do not go too harsh while brushing it to minimize the occurrence of damage to the mat. You shouldn’t use cleaners that are made from solvent-based too because it can weaken the rubber material.
  4. Rinse the mat by water. You can use the hose to rinse it or just splash it by the water. Use the broom to clean the excess soapsuds, water, and debris from the mat.
  5. The last thing to do is letting the mat dry. Hang the mat at the outside of the house up to dry. Make sure that the mat is dry enough so it will not start to mold.

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Rubber floor mats for kitchen

Maintaining Rubber Floor Mats

In addition to cleaning it properly, maintaining rubber floor mats is also important to consider. This is important to do, so that the mat stays durable and always looks clean.

Here are the steps to maintain the rubber floor mats correctly.

  1. Clean the floor beneath the rubber mats. Rubber is known to be easily broken if the room humidity is high. Remove the mats and sweep the floor to make it clean from any stains or debris. Mopping is also important to keep the floor clean.
  2. If there is any spill, clean it immediately. Use soft cloth or towel to wipe up the spills so it can be cleaned easily. Cleaning the mats often, such as every few days, is also important to make the mats clean and durable.

In conclusion, cleaning and maintaining this kind of mat is quite easy. You need to clean it immediately when it get some spills on it. Those steps above should be easy to do to keep your rubber mat clean all the time.

Brown rubber floor mats with holes

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