How To Decorate A Bedroom Dresser

How To Decorate A Bedroom Dresser

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A dresser or vanity is a must have item in most houses. People use it to store bathroom needs like towel, soap, etc.

But nowadays thins cannot just be practical, but also fashionable as well. Some choose to call the interior designer to do the job for you.

Well, for those who cannot afford this luxury, you could borrow the tips from expert below.

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1. Clean And Tag

Start your project with something basic and simple: cleaning. You need to move all things above the dresser and wipe off all the dust. You might have some stains which cannot be cleaned by wet towel only. Depending on your dresser top: wood or granite, you might want to purchase a different kind of cleaner instead of the all purpose one.

The next step is to sort all the things inside the drawers and those you put on the top of the drawer. Find new storage to thing that doesn’t belong to the bathroom. If possible, use one drawer to store one kind of things only. Add cute tags if needed.

2. Point The Center

You need to divide the top area into three sections. On the center part, you need something as focal point, drawing the attention to that point. People usually pick mirror as the best suited center piece of this corner. You could pick the standard rectangle or the elegant oval mirror.

One trick for the mirror size: It should be half width of the top drawer at the least, but never exceed the length of the drawer. If you love simplicity, then put beige tone to the frame. For those who love exotic ideas, you could try a lot of things: decorative, abstract, or oversized frame.

Nice idea to decorate bedroom dresser tops

3. Put Tall Pairing

What’s your idea on this? The easiest thing to think of is a flower vase or a table lamp; one of these could fit any kind of focal point you choose. The other ideas include statues, figurines, towel basket, tall candles, jewelry boxes, etc. Again, you could consider the function of this mirror pairing.

Don’t focus on choosing the most adorable pairing only. You need to consider the whole picture of your dresser as well as your bathroom. When you already have conch lamps on both sides of the mirror, cross table lamp and candle can be removed from the list. Choose something like towel basket or jewelry box instead.

4. Provide Balance

Now that you already pick the tall-look, it is time to choose the low and medium look. For instance, a decorative tray will suit best for bathroom. It could provide convenient space to put tiny this such as earrings and prevent them to fall to the floor.

The medium pieces, on the other hand, could be your daily treatment lotion, powder, perfume, etc. Put them on the tray as the practical decoration. Put this next to the tall pieces. Now that you provide all the balance, the small decoration project has done.

Each furniture in the bathroom should be able to fulfill at least two function: storage and decoration. Otherwise, one corner will look dull and awkward, especially when the furniture is quite big, like a dresser. The guides above could provide you enough knowledge to start your mini upgrade project. Happy decorating!.

How to decorate a bedroom dresser top

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