How to decorate shelves in bedroom

How to Decorate Shelves In Bedroom To Fit Your Taste

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Looking for ideas to embellish your bedroom? Before going to the furniture market or thrift store, it will be better if you set your goal of the finishing product.

Imagine how you want it to look like in your mind. Then, make a list of possible things you need to purchase.

Some of the references below will give you a great insight.


1. The Scenic Arrangement

Some people prefer to bring their work to the bedroom. Especially for students, bedroom is not only a place to rest, but also to study.

For this purpose, arrange the books and the office supply neatly on the overhead shelves. Put the table against the wall.

Then install the floating shelves on the upper part and both sides of the computer desk. Make sure you could reach the highest part of the shelf without ladder.

Arrange your books and other items neatly. For prettier scene, add decorative conch or any knick knack of your choice.

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2. The Nice Concealer

In good days, your friends will come into the bedroom for pajama party or sleepover. Sometimes you just do not have enough time to tidy up everything.

You end up shoving everything randomly in the shelves or under the bed. To cover the disorganized items, install a fancy curtain as the shield.

The patterns or stylish writing on the fabric will distract the guests from a mess behind it. This trick also works if you own some items that somehow cannot please you no matter how you arrange it.

Bedroom shelves decorating ideas drawers under bed

3. The Beaming Shelves

How to bring a starry night sensation to the bedroom? On your shelves, attach small light bulbs. Arrange them in a way that resembles the constellation.

Light them up at night without the main light and enjoy the atmosphere. If you want to go further, add some glow in the dark stickers and paste them inside the shelves.

You might also want to change the main bulb to have dimmer light to match the theme. It is not recommended to use colorful lights for this purpose. Rainbow color shining over the colorful books and items is doom.

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4. The Festive Pom Pom

To store the seasonal items, several houses install horizontal shelves near the ceiling. To compliment this design, the cabinet is placed below the shelves.

If you have this kind of shelf in your bedroom, you can still decorate them. Pick any color elements in the room, and take them for the pom pom colors.

For youthful look, pick the balls shape. If you want to go neutral, make the tassel shape. After that, you can attach them to the shelves.

5. The Feasible Ornaments

If you own adorable trinkets, do not hesitate to use them to decorate the shelves. You can put it in order to create the dreamy childhood land. Make the shelf outstanding with the paint.

Apply the paint that is several tones darker than the wall. On the moment the guests walk in, they will set their eyes on the dreamy-like shelf. To make every thing blends, wrap the book with ornamental and classic wrapping paper.

What looks good can definitely look better. You just need to find the suitable approach to set every element so they support each other. Decorating your room does not take a hard work, as long as you nail your favored theme.

Large bedroom bookshelf design ideas for white paint wall colors

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