How to decorate over the toilet shelves

How to Decorate Over the Toilet Shelves with Thrift Shop Items

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The decoration of a room represents the personality of the house’s owner.

Toilet space is no exception. For this room, the interior might not have to be as pretty as the other rooms.

Still, clean and comfortable toilet will not make your guests frown when they come inside. Play with low budget decoration for well ordered toilet totally makes sense.


1. Old Ladder

For this item, you might find it in the store room. Ideal ladder should help you to reach higher place. One or two broken ladder steps make it lose its function.

However, you can still use it as a shelves for the toilet. First, you need to coat it with water resistant solution. It provides extra protection, considering the moderate to high moisture level in the bathroom.

Cut down two ladder steps on the bottom. Otherwise, the ladder cannot fit into the space. Leave three ladder steps above the removed steps.

If the ladder is longer than the range of five ladder steps, saw the rest. Put this ladder against the wall. Utilize the ladder steps as the board to put bathroom items. You can arrange heavy to light stuffs on this DIY shelf.

Over the toilet ladder shelf

2. Rattan Box

Those who loves clear area must have more than enough rattan boxes. Take three of them and nail them above the toilet. Give them enough space from each other.

Rattan box is quite sturdy, so you could put it facing upwards. You can get extra space to put the toiletries, towels, and more.

This item is a great option because it is easy to clean and quite durable. Even if you have to buy one, it is cheap and available in second hand shop or supermarkets.

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3. Towel Holder

This is a must have item in a bathroom. Instead of holding a single towel, do you ever consider turning it into shelves? You begin with adding hooks on each end. Hang iron wire that holds tiers of boards.

For longer life time, you can also choose the chopper wire. The color is great and the function is superb! The towel holder could transform into something gorgeous, even upgrading its role. Since the hook will be the pedestal, make sure you pick the thick one.

4. Old Wooden Box

It belongs to laundry room, taking the roles of dirty clothes storage. You could also alter its task as a shelf over the toilet.

The bottom should stick to the wall, leaving the upper part opened and facing you. This is a distinctive style for bathroom interior. It adds accent and also expand the storage area.

Keep the dry towel and small bathroom items in it. Avoid placing any heavy items such as bottles of shower cream, shampoo or conditioner. This fragile item may fall from its place.

Decorating should not be intimidating for you and your wallet. The process is fun and could definitely be done on low budget. Altering the old items in your house is also a great choice. When nothing could fit the need, visit a thrift store first and decide whether any item fits the list.

Decorate over toilet storage with towel bar

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