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How to Choose the Right Bathroom Decorative Towels

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There are so many things that you need to consider when you plan to have some decorative towels in your bathroom.

Choosing bathroom decorative towels will not as easy you when you choose some ordinary bathroom towels.

Hence, here are some things that you can use as your reference.

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1. Size

The first and most importantly, you need to consider the size of the towels that you plan to have. Since it comes in a variety of sizes, make sure that you choose the proper size that will look match in your bathroom.

The standard size of all towels that are usually used for drying off after shower is about 27” x 52”. Bath sheets are surely larger with 35” x 60”.

With that size comparison, bath sheets give you more coverage and allow you to fully wrap yourself. There are also hand towels with 16” x 30”, or the square one with 13” x 13”.

2. Weight

The next thing that is related with a towel’s size is its weight. It’s clear that larger or bigger towels tend to be heavier too, but measuring a towel’s weight is not the same like when we measure any other things.

The density of all bath towels are measured in grams per square meter or it’s shorten as GSM. Common towels start from 300-900 GSM.

For decorative goal, using towels that has 600-900 GSM is not a problem since you look for its good look. However, this kind of towel requires more drying time.

3. Cotton Type

Decorative towels that are used everyday can be made of standard cotton. In this case, Egyptian cotton is the best choice since it has more luxurious options.

More than that, this kind of cotton is also made of longer and denser loops of thread that trap warmth and absorb moisture. If you are looking for another high and durable option, Turkish cotton is the best choice.

4. Construction

There are so many types of construction that can make a towel. Bath towels are commonly made of cotton, which means that the combed fibers are able to remove shorter debris and threads.

It will automatically leave the longest and strongest threads that can be woven into the bath towel. This mechanism prevents pilling and ensures the durability of the towel.

Always look for towels that are made of good construction but look catchy for the decorative goal.

5. Style

The last but not least, talking about decorative towels will always include about style. This last point actually depends on your taste as the house owner.

However, it will be good if you match the towels with the design or the decor that already existed in your bathroom. You can also consider the season that you are having in some particular time.

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Choosing the proper decorative towels for your bathroom is almost the same when you are about to buy a towel for the first time. You will not only consider about its look but also about its function.

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