Best Zebra Bathroom Décor Ideas

Best Zebra Bathroom Décor Ideas

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As one of the important parts in our house, it’s not surprising if some people really like to build or décor their bathroom as interesting as possible.

Talking about interesting décor, there are so many kinds of decors that you may choose. One of them is using zebra theme in your bathroom.

So here are some recommendations in case you choose zebra theme.

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1. Zebra Painting

The first idea is by having zebra painting in your bathroom. The zebra painting here means that you will have literally so many zebra shape in your bathroom, not only its skin.

It also means that you need to start the work from the basic color of your wall. The basic color is totally up to you since it will match with the zebra, or black and white color.

After you finish dealing with the basic color, it’s time for you to make shape of the zebra. You can have as many zebra shapes in your bathroom as you like.

2. Zebra Print Bath Accessories

If the first idea looks so complicated for you, try this one. This idea will offer you the different look of all bath accessories in your bathroom, like tissue holder, toothbrush holder, soap holder, or even the bottle of your shampoo.

This idea will also ease your work since you don’t have to paint the zebra design. You can simply print the zebra design and match the size with the all the bath accessories.

3. Zebra Curtain

This idea will also offer you another simple way in adding zebra décor in your bathroom. If you are using bathtub in your bathroom, it’s totally sure that you also apply the curtain when you are taking a bath.

Give some wild touch in your bathroom by changing your old bathtub curtain with the new zebra curtain. It will not take much time just to replace the old bathtub curtain and apply the zebra curtain, but make sure that choose a curtain with good quality.

Zebra bathroom decor shower curtain

4. Zebra Light Switches

If you like to add zebra nuance in your bathroom but don’t really want it to look dominant, then you can try this idea. You can simply replace all the light switches in your bathroom and apply your DIY zebra light switches.

This idea will require your creativity in making the zebra light switches by yourself. Therefore, you need to do the measurement correctly.

5. Zebra Towels

The last but not least, you can add any zebra towels to your bathroom. This idea offers you the simplicity of decorating your bathroom since you only need to buy the zebra towels that you need.

Since there are so many types of towel, you will probably need to look for the towels in more than one place to make your towel collection complete.

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From so many decorating ideas that you can apply in your bathroom, zebra design is one of the décor choices that is worth trying. The strip combination of black and white will look fabulous if you can manage it well.

Teal zebra print bathroom decor

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