How to decorate bathroom small space

Best 10 Bathroom Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

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Sometimes, we have to put a bathroom in narrow or small area. Maybe, the size of our home is narrow overall. It make us to build small bathroom.

Get bathroom to be close to the bedroom, often also make us build the bathroom with small sizes. Maybe we not build both room in the same time.

If all of that has happened, I thinks it is no problem. Next we can do is given a beautiful decoration. It aims to make us comfortable in the bathroom.

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1. Small spaces bathroom decorations using shower curtain

White shower curtain is great idea. It show the bathroom impression that clean and well maintained. Small or narrow space bathroom size, it is no problem. The point is clean and maintained.

A good shower curtain is not damaged by water easily. Usually, it made waterproof with special materials, such as PVC.

Small bathroom decorating ideas using shower curtains

2. Small bathroom decoration using mirror

Add mirror at wall is great ideas. Its function is also to give a broader impression. Important things, choosing a thin mirror attached to the wall is highly recommended.

Add mirror ideas to decorate bathroom small spaces

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3. Striking bright wall color for small bathroom decorations

Bright color gives attractive impressions and happy. Yes, although the room is cramped. This is important. Bathing is an activity that should be fun and happy. Bathing is an refreshing, relaxation, and eliminate fatigue after activity all the day.

Yellow bright wall color for small bathroom decorations

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4. Wooden shelves to store towels and toiletries for decorating small bathroom

It provides multiple functions. Not only for organizing, but also to put a variety of other decoration accessories, such as flower pots, or your favorite collection.

Wooden shelves for small bathroom decorations

5. Indoor flower pots for narrow spaces bathroom decorations

In this case, more advisable to use a suitable plant indoor like snake plants and others. It is because some plants can work well to provide more oxygen. They can also absorb odors well.

Indoor plant flower pots for narrow space bathroom decorations

6. Narrow bathroom decor with antique lamp ornaments

For bathroom, lighting is important. Generally, bathroom narrow space does not get maximum light from window. Thus, it is necessary to provide good lighting from best lamp.

Choosing a suitable lamp can give desired bathroom atmosphere. We need comfortable at this area.

Unique lamp, hanging lamps, and other lighting decoration can good ideas for bathroom.

Unique lamp ornament for small space bathroom decorations

7. Wide window ideas for small bathroom decorations

If possible, you can using a wide window. It will make small bathroom feel more spacious. Of course you need adding some accessories to decorate windows.

For that, you can use windows curtains. It will helpful for our decorations.

Wide windows for bathroom small spaces

8. Natural stone wall to for small space bathroom

It gives cool impression. This idea make artistic impression highlighted.

You should choose right ceramic pattern as option if can not get natural stone.

Not only that, efficiency bathroom design need to be considered.

Natural stone or rustic tile for wall bathroom small space decorations

9. Beautiful frescoes for decorate narrow bathroom

If you love art, especially wall painting, frescoes, and others, using these decoration is good ideas. It provide an artistic and elegant bathroom impressions.

You need to adjust the type of fresco with the bathroom decoration theme.

For protect from water, you should use protective coating on the painting.

Frescoes for wall bathroom decorations

10. Bathroom decoration with small cabinets

It is multifunctional for storing toiletries. Your soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, even towels can be stored neatly.

In addition, wall cabinet also give elegance impression for appearance of the bathroom as a whole.

Small wall cabinet for bathroom decor

Actually, there are many other bathroom decoration ideas that we can do. It really depends on the creativity of each person.

Blending functioanlity and aesthetics for decorating the room is an important thing. You should pay attention to this.

For post in this time, that’s the 10 best decorating ideas for bathroom small spaces. I think you might adopt. Hope can be useful for you. Thanks.

Bathroom small space decoration

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