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Creative Ways on How to Decorate a Bathroom Wall

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Most people like their bathroom wall clean and plain, meaning that there aren’t any wall decorations or accessories.

Most homeowners like to play with colors or patterns resulting in their efforts of mixing and matching.

Some people, however, like to have a livelier effect. They want to add a touch of personality or an addition of mixed colors and textures so the bathroom won’t be so plain and dull.

In the event that you want to have such a thing, there are some options for attractive bathroom wall decoration that you can try.


1. Hanging Cabinets

The hanging cabinets aren’t only good for decoration, but it is also functional in use. This type of wall décor will definitely be handy when you have a small bathroom or you have a quite limited space in the bathroom. You don’t need to install the cabinets all over the place.

Choose a particular wall that will be the focal point of your décor and have the cabinets there. Limit the installation only on that wall.

What kind of cabinets do you have in mind? Not the big and too wide one; it would be ugly.

Choose the single and cubicle one (you can also consider different colors, for alternative) because they are easy to manage and they can come in various arrangements that fit your requirements.

Small hanging cabinet for bathroom
Small hanging cabinet for bathroom, Image:

2. Floating Shelves

This is another good idea of combining storage area with wall décor. Floating shelves are good to create an open and wide illusion so your bathroom won’t look small and crowded.

Not to mention that floating shelves can be arranged the way you want it too – whether it is vertically or horizontally, the choice is yours.

But you also need to remember not to over-store the items. Use the shelves to keep some of the important items for your bathing rituals – the towels, your favorite scented candle, the soap and the shampoo, and a single vase of fresh flower (or even dry flower) is okay.

Just because you have the shelves, it doesn’t mean that you can over-store anything. And since the shelves are open for view, don’t use them to keep the kids’ toys, for instance.

Those kinds of things are better kept hidden in a secret storage compartment.

Floating shelves in bathroom
Floating shelves in bathroom

3. Printable Art and Unique Wall Décor

Do you find something unique at the flea market, perfect for the bathroom wall? You can have it inside the bathroom but be sure that the material is strong and sturdy enough against moisture and humidity.

You can also consider having a printable art to make the wall more appealing to look at. Having a framed printable words or images may be common but it is also one of the easiest and the most affordable ways to improve the bathroom’s ambiance.

What about blocked letter? Choose a certain wall to have the blocked big letters installed on the wall. It can be anything, from BATH to RELAX. It’s important to choose the contrast colors of the letter against the colors of the walls so the effect will be clearly visible.

Bathroom wall art ideas
Bathroom wall art ideas

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