How to decorate a master bathroom on a budget with small space

Simple but Clever Ways on How to Decorate a Master Bathroom

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The master bathroom is your zone – your tranquil space to escape from the world and do your private things.

It is no wonder that some people say that their bathroom is their shelter – the place they run to when they need to unwind a little.

Do you believe that you can create your own peaceful haven if you know how?

You can even spend hours there if the place is truly comforting and peaceful – much more peaceful than your bedroom.


1. Tranquil and Serene: Your Purpose

The first thing you want to feel when you walk into the bathroom is to feel peace and relax, not to stress out. And how can you achieve such effect? Focus on your senses, which can be done in various ways.

You can choose the right color palette that suits your needs – whether it is the bright colors or the warm ones. Just be sure that it is pleasing to your eyes.

You can choose a scented candle with your favorite whiff to calm your nerves. You can install a simple sound system that accompanies your shower. Or if it is too much, you can have the countertop with its soothing bubbly watery sound.

For the touch, you can have the soft rugs under your feet or the super soft and warm towels. See? It’s not so hard to create such a happy place, right?

Master bathroom paint color ideas, Beige

2. Grown Up Spot

Keep in mind that a master bathroom is a place where all grown ups go. There shouldn’t any spills of the nail polish, the colorful toys or book, or the smelly dirty laundry. It should be clean, peaceful, and spotless.

Even when you have a shared bathroom with other family members – usually the kids – make sure that you have the right storage rooms and compartments to hide all of their stuff.

Making use of the laundry hampers or a secret storage with baskets can be an ideal way to manage the clutters. These storage compartments can also be handy to stash your favorite items – the scented candles, your CD players with your favorite CDs, favorite books, and other items that can help you unwind and stay calm – and happy!



3. Personality is a Must

Don’t forget that adding some elements of your personality will make the room somehow warmer and more lively – not cold or dead. If you really love the spa that you often go to, you can try to imitate the décor or the color.

Are you into fashion so much? Why not installing a full mirror so you can try clothes there – you can have the mirror anywhere you like, even behind the door.

Are you a person with mementos and memories? Use the wall to display your favorite photos. You don’t have to add an abundant of them – several will be enough.

And be sure that you use the sturdy materials – the types that are strong enough against moisture and humidity.

After all, you don’t want the water or moisture to be responsible for the photo frame damage, do you?

Mirrors for master bathroom

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