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How to Decorate a Bathroom Counter: Some of the Simple Things

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Not many homeowners realize that their bathroom counter can make a huge difference when treated properly and correctly.

Many of us take the countertop for granted – we take it as it is without trying our best to come with a better alternative or resolution.

But there are some alternatives to improve the ambiance and atmosphere of the bathroom, starting from the countertop. And what should you do?

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Decorating the Counter

You don’t need to add figures or accessories on the countertop to make it stand out among the others. In fact, putting accessories will only damage them because the countertops are prone to splashes. If you want to create a difference, start from the materials.

1. Wooden Countertop

For instance, do you know that a wooden top can create a different effect, depending on the materials it is paired with? If you want to achieve the traditional countryside style, you can pair the wooden top with the wooden cabinet.

2. Marbles or Concrete counter

If you want to achieve the modern and contemporary style, you can pair the wooden top with marbles or concrete counter. Don’t forget to use the laminate and polished effect in the latter style so you can withstand splashes and water.

Wood countertop for bathroom vanity

The concrete countertop can deliver a natural feel and ambiance and yet, it doesn’t have to be old school and vintage if you know how to decorate it.

Concrete has its own natural pattern, with the natural cracks, spots, and lines. You can have an overall concrete countertop, but with two tone arrangement.

The top can come in a lighter shade while the bottom can come in a darker shade. A white top can look great with dark or light brown on the bottom. If you want a darker and yet more elegant vibe, you can pair a light gray with dark gray – or better, a light gray with black.

Have you ever tried marble for the countertop? Yes, it is heavy and yes, it is more expensive, but it will also add a sense of luxury and class – and you don’t even have to add anything.

To achieve an elegant look, you only need to consider the surrounding color. If you come with a lighter color for the bathroom, consider a darker marble countertop, and vice versa. The contrast scheme isn’t too much and yet it can deliver a different sensation and look.

Marble bathroom sink and countertop

3. Matching Sink

Don’t forget that some of the supporting elements can make the countertop look different. For instance, if you can pair the top with a matching sink, it will be perfect.

Whether you choose a traditional and old school sink or you prefer the modern and contemporary design, know that they will make a difference. Countertops can come with attached mirror or not – and it can be included in the design.

4. Granite Countertop

For instance, if you like the brownish granite countertop and you can pair it up with a classic oval mirror with unique frame design, you have improved the look of the countertop without breaking excessive sweat. These are the kinds of things you should be doing.

How to Decorate a Bathroom Counter

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