How to Clean Faux Marble Table Top of Stains

How to Clean Faux Marble Table Top of Stains Without Find Any Difficulties

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Faux marble is one of the many favorites exterior that loved by many people, especially for the homeowner who love to design their house with some loveable stones.

Furthermore, faux marble also provides the best superiority and even benefits; such as make the look of the house more beautiful and glorious.

Another benefit that you can get when you are applying faux marble is that faux marble has lower cost compare to the real marble, but still be able to beautify the outlook of your house or even to make your house looks clean and calm.

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However, not a few homeowners tend to confuse related to clean their faux marble, especially since there are no many ways to clean it up or even stuffs that best to clean it all.

Consequently, it becomes a great responsibility for you to keep it clean and looks well because you are able to take care of.

In helping you with that case, this article provides you with some best ways that you can do easily without ever found any difficulties. Here they are!

Faux marble top coffee table set
Faux marble top coffee table set

Part 1: Things that You Will Need to clean faux marble table top

There are some items that you will need to support your cleaning section becomes work well.

You have to prepare some items, such as: a cleaner, sponge, white vinegar that we know it contains acids that help you to remove the bacteria and even fungi in your lovely stuffs or kinds such as faux marble.

Moreover, you also have to find the spray bottle that later is used as the container or a place for your water.

Besides, you also can use rag that later is used to clean the stains from the faux marble. The last items that are optional for you are fiberglass polish and soft cloths.


The items that you will need to clean faux marble table top:

  1. a cleaner
  2. sponge
  3. white vinegar
  4. spray bottle
  5. rag
  6. fiberglass polish, and
  7. soft cloths.
White faux marble top dining table
White faux marble top dining table

Part 2: Let us Clean Table Top of Stains

After all of the items that will be needed in the cleaning process, you have to do the next step.

First step:

The first thing that’s easy to do with you is to prepare the water that later should be put on the spray bottle. Make sure that you combine the white vinegar and water in the spray bottle, because it will help you to clean the stains that is located on the table top of your faux marble.

Second step:

Furthermore, if it is done, you can spray the water that already mixed with white vinegar into the part of the faux marble table top that has stains.

Third step:

Wipe. You can use the towel or rag to wipe it. Make sure that you can do it slowly. After you wipe it, spray again to the location that has stains.


Fourth step:

Just wait for a few seconds and then you can start to wipe it again, but you have to use the soft cloth. Soft cloth is known as the one that is better than a rag, because it will moist and remove the residue from the cleaner that you already sprayed.

If you already finished with all of those steps, you can repeat again based on your needed. However, make sure that in the last step you should clean it with plain water.

Fifth step:

Last but not the least, you have to remember that diligence and attention for all of the stuffs or even exterior and interior designs in your house make perfect. So, do not forget too clean your faux marble table top, especially to avoid from stains. In addition, do not wait and leave the water in your faux marble because it will leave the spots, so make sure that it is already dry completely.

Black faux marble top dining table
Black faux marble top dining table
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