Bathroom Faucets Cross Handles

How Good Are Bathroom Faucets Cross Handles?

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Replacing your old faucet with bathroom faucets cross handles is the fastest way to redecorate or remodel the space.

When you are just about to pick the color, the staff will lead you to the most popular and best seller options.

Ask yourself whether the most recent model could suit your bathroom plan better than the cross handle one.

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How Good Are Bathroom Faucets Cross Handles

1. What Styles Are Available?

You usually find two options for faucet styles: the double handle and single handle. Both can pour warm and cold water to the spout, with difference in the swift control only.

The single handle requires pull and swipe, but the double handle will allow you to choose the temperature separately.

The cross handle usually comes in double handle style. No brand that offers cross handle make a single handle faucet.

2. What Types Are There?

One important question before you think further about which faucet to choose: have you bought the sink yet? If you did, then you already limit your options. The faucet you are going to buy should fit to the available hole.

There are four common types: single hole, center hole, widespread mount, and wall mount.

Lucky for you, different manufacturers make cross handle faucet available in all types. Are you looking for the most popular one? Then it will be the wide spread type. The sink should have three holes, with the center size varying from eight to sixteen inches.

If you are keen on widespread type but want things a little more packed, you could take the center hole. Two cross handles and one spout stick together in one plate.

Usually, this type is installed on the sink desk.  For those who loves boundless idea, look at the wall mounted faucet. Instead of the sink, the faucet will be drilled to the wall, saving some room on the sink.

Last but not least, the single hole. This type is the least popular one. You can also say that the design is quite eccentric: one spout with two protruding cross handle on both wings.

3. What Are the Good and Bad Things?

House with cross handle faucet will have classical shine on the sink area. Most buyers pick polished chrome finishing, which suits best to “all white” theme bathroom.

The other theme could turn into reality, since more than three finishing are available for each brand. You can even have the black or green colored faucet.

A great bathroom should be able to accommodate everyone in the house. This is where the turn down kicks in. Cross handle faucet does not fit for children.

You need to turn the head and the other way around to stop the water flow. Thus, children under five years old will need close assistance to use the sink.

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People come to a store with different need and budget. So you are better prepared to wide array of options in the store: the brands, the color, the style and the material.

The manufacturers offer different features that will accommodate different users and costumers. Now ask yourself once more: are the bathroom faucets cross handles good enough for your house?

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