Bathroom Décor with Plants Ideas You Must Adopt!

Bathroom Décor with Plants Ideas You Must Adopt!

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Some people were born as green thumbs while the others are the total opposite.

If you are included in the second group, yet you want to keep your life green, incorporating your plants as bathroom décor is a great idea.

It prevents you from forgetting to water them, while it makes a decent idea for interior stylish touch.

Check out these ideas for some inspirations.

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Bathroom Décor with Plants Ideas You Must Adopt

1. Fill in the Extra Space

Instead of creating new space which will take too much effort and money, it is great enough to fill in the available extra space in the bathroom. If you have a shelf above the sink, you should consider resetting the stuffs so you can use some of the space.

If you still want more plants in the bathroom, hanging some on the shower curtain will be great idea. It makes a decent facelift in the bathroom while you don’t have to create special space for it.

Garden bathroom decor bath tubs extra space for plants

2. Bathtub Ledges Mini Jungle

One of the spaces you can use in a bathroom for plants will be the bathtub ledges. It makes enough space for small pots. If you like this idea, you should try lining the ledges with several potted plants. For best looking mini jungle, choose different heights for it.

For cute looking ledges, you can add some more accents like cute watering can, idyllic gnomes, or other possible accents you can find. It makes the room greener while staying charming.

Bath tub plants bathroom ideas

3. Mirror Drama

Mirror is one of the best decoration items including in a bathroom. You can use the charm even more by adding oversized potted plant near it. It makes a bold style and it creates enough drama for stylish look.

You can even add high plant on it if you want to. Many times, it exposes the room depth you have been missed before. This way, it makes the room even richer and more stylish than you ever think. If you feel playful, place it on your countertop near the mirror.

Farmhouse bathroom with plants, hanging lamp, and mirror as decor ideas

4. Make It Additional Neutral Color

Most colors included in a bathroom are monochromatic and neutral. Many times, it doesn’t incorporate neutral color like greens. This is your chance to add the color. You can try with one or two pots of plants.

While it adds neutral color in your bathroom, these plants will brighten up the room instantly. One of the best choices is eucalyptus and you only need clear vase. If you are feeling playful, you should consider using different level of greens. It spruces things up a little and you’ll like it.

Nice pot for bathroom plants decor ideas

5. Bougie Hotel Room Touch

Do you remember how stylish a bougie hotel room can be? These rooms look all very high end. The key is simple. You need to incorporate benches and stools with your plants selection. For the plants, you can consider adding cactus for the bathtub feet, succulents, as well as leafy plants.

To set up various heights for the plants, you need to place the pots on the benches and stools. While it looks refreshing, this set up creates super stylish as well as high end looking bathroom.

Bougie bathroom decor with plants indoor

6. Be Bold

In alternative to small plants that look totally stylish, you can also use big plant instead. A big plant is often enough for a bathroom. You can place it anywhere you like. In addition to it, you can leave it that way. Let it bends naturally because it looks good anyway.

You may feel hesitated if a big plant is the right option for you. The good news is it makes a perfect choice for a bathroom with so many accents as well as a minimalist one. Feel free to choose your own green level for even bolder touch.

Huge bathroom plants decor ideas

7. Simply Hang It

Hanging plants are always delightful for the rooms and eyes. It is always great to hang it instead of setting it up on the floor. If you like this idea, you can consider using small and simple plants. Make sure they are flowy for the best look for the wall.

The options include hanging it from the ceiling as well as on your towel hanger on your eye level. It looks fresh and stylish anyway. If you look closely, you will find several plants hanger with stylish design that fits best for your bathroom.

Hanging plant bathroom small spaces

8. Shelves Plants

The best thing about adding plants in the bathroom is that the plants actually fit well anywhere including your shelves. If you have empty shelves in the bathroom, place the plants in it. Choose short plants to fit in because most shelves are narrow enough for rather high plants. Don’t worry, you have abundant options for this.

While you need to keep it short, you are free to choose something flowy or simple instead. In fact, the combination of both or more will look great and vibrant. Boston fern is one of the best choices you can consider. Feel free to be playful on leaves shape as well.

Shelves plants indoor bathroom decor ideas

9. Green House Bathroom

This idea is very bohemian but many people really like it. The idea is to add as many plants as possible. You can plant flowy leaves on a basket bag and hang it behind the door. You can also hang some of the plants above the bathtub.

In this plan, most kinds of plants are great to add and use. You only need to make sure you place it right so it fills the room without interfering the bathroom traffic. You’ll love how nice it is soaking while looking at the plants.

Garden green house bathroom decor ideas

10 Teeny Tiny Plants

This option is the best option for small bathroom with very limited space. Tiny plants are maybe small but they have big impact too. The key is how you pair it with the right planters. Most of the time, sleek and stylish planters work wonderfully.

Tiny flower plants for bathroom decor

Place it on your countertop, or hang a single shelf to place these plants. They will make huge facelift of the room while it adds freshness at the same time. Feel free to use cactus and leafy plants for this scenario.

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