How to Clean Ceramic Tile Floors and Grout?

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How to clean ceramic tile floors and grout can be one of your frequently asked questions. Cleaning ceramic tile floors and grout, actually, is not problematic at all.

Tile floors, unlike any other tiles, are very durable and longer lasting. It is made of natural particles that have been forged within very high temperature. Unfortunately, in the long run, the color of these tiles might fade.

So, what should we do then? Please take a look at the following guide for further explanation.

  1. Daily maintenance
  2. Cheap trick for you
  3. Use simple tips

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Daily Maintenance

As has been explained briefly in the previous paragraph, tile floors might fade in the long run since many people walk all over the tiles in your house hours after hours. The situation becomes worse when these people spill either food or beverage.

The stain left by the food and the beverage will definitely ruin the tile shade. The more these tiles get stained, the more the tiles get discolored. Certainly, by the end of the month, let’s say, your lovely tiles will lose its true color.

Daily maintenance is ultimately important for preserving the color of your tiles. In order to perform the daily maintenance, there are some easy procedures that you can do. These procedures are:

1. Sweep your tiles with fluffy dust mop or vacuum cleaner

This procedure should be conducted in order to get rid of loose dust, dirt, sand and grit. Such particles can cause heavy scratch in your tiles. In doing so, fluffy dust-mop or vacuum cleaner can be good options. The two cleaning tools won’t cause any scratch all over the tiles. Remember not to use any stray broom because this one definitely causes scratch.

2. Mop your tiles once in a week

This might be surprising. Whether you believe it or not, mopping your tiles with mop and warm water can keep your tiles shiny all the time. Since water is liquid, it can sweep away any particles unseen by our eyes. Make sure you clean your tiles first before you mop them. This will give you the ultimate look of the tiles.

3. Dry the floor right away after mopping

After mopping the floor, you should dry it right away. This action will prevent new dirt from quickly setting into the wet floor. This step is also important to do because the quickly set in dirt over the wet floor might become hard-to-remove grimes.

4. Wipe up spills, including water, quickly with absorbent cloths

Any spills can discolor your tile right away. So, you have to clean up these spills immediately with absorbent clothes. For your information, some spills might be chemically hazardous. In this case, make sure you use either cleanser or disinfectant. Disinfectant may dull your tiles too so you have to make sure that you only spray these cleaning chemicals only on the spot.

5. Put doormat both inside and outside your house

Putting doormat both inside and outside your house will help preventing any dirt to be spread all over your tiles. Thus, your cleaning activities will be much easier. Remember to do this especially during rain and snow seasons.

In order to make these tiles keep shiny and better, you have to clean the grout as well. You may use a mixture of baking soda and water; this paste is ultimately powerful for cleaning your grout. Then, all you have to do is as follows:

  1. Spread the mixture all over the dirty grout.
  2. Wait for a while or an overnight; this will depend on how dirty your grout is
  3. Scrub the grout with any brush; old toothbrush will do
  4. Wash the grout with warm water. By the end of the day, the result can be seen. It commonly reveals the original shine on the tile and grout.

best way to clean ceramic floor tile and grout

Cheap Trick Ceramic Floor Tile Cleaning

Cheap trick here refers to using vinegar for cleaning your floor tiles. This might be quite surprising. Not many people know that vinegar can be used for cleaning your ceramic tile floors and grout. It is also environmentally safe and it can help you to save a lot of money. When you want to use this vinegar as your cleanser, you just need to follow the procedures below:

  1. Sprinkle baking soda all over the grout. You may use your finger to make sure that the baking soda has been widely spread throughout the grout. Then, put vinegar in a spraying bottle and start spraying this vinegar to the baking soda. The chemical reaction occurred between baking soda and vinegar will be helpful in cleaning the dirt.
  2. Take any brush and start scrubbing the grout (grout brush is preferable). Soon, your tile floor will be muddy. Therefore, you need to keep a cup of water. Pour the water all over the solution right after you have scrubbed the grout completely.
  3. Wipe up the solution immediately. When you have done this, you just need to vacuum the excess baking soda and mop the floor.
  4. Soon after finish mopping the floor, you can see a totally different tile floor. You might even surprise to see that the tile floor is totally clean and shiny.

Simple Tips to Clean Ceramic Floor Tile and Grout

Here are some tips that you might want to read concerning on cleaning your ceramic tile floors and grout:

  1. Clean up spills or tracks as soon as possible from your floor
  2. Regular maintenance is ultimately important for your floor
  3. Quick sweeping or vacuum will always be helpful from preventing the stain embedded in the floor
  4. Water is quite effective in keeping your shiny tile floors
  5. Use grout sealer for everlasting shiny grout

How does it sound? Well, whatever your opinion is, cleaning the tile and grout will be easier from now on. You just need to read all of the provided instructions and follow the tips. At the very first time, it might be difficult. As time goes by, you will be an expert and you can always keep your tile floors and grout shiny. You can always consult the instruction on how to clean ceramic tile floors and grout here whenever you are about to clean your tile floors and grout.

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