Yellow Bathroom Tile Ideas

Awesome Yellow Bathroom Tile Ideas

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Bathroom with yellow tile was a hit back then. Somehow, it makes its own way to today’s taste.

Not only for vintage looking bathroom, a modern-looking bathroom is possible to achieve as well with yellow tiles.

If you want something different in your bathroom and you need ideas to use yellow tiles, you will like the following ideas.

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1. Honeycomb Art Yellow Bathroom Tile 

What is nicer than presenting a honeycomb design with yellow color? It looks just right. To make more creative look, wear honeycomb shaped tiles in yellow on the tub area wall.

Add a little accent by applying the same tiles in black for the tub wall. The combination of yellow and black never fails.

However for consistent look, you should use white grouts on the tiles for more defined style. It is completely fine too to wear the same honeycomb black tiles for the entire floor. It makes the yellow color pops more and makes the entire concept works well.

Honeycomb Art For Yellow bathroom tiles

2. Bathroom with Yellow Tile and White Mix

If your bathroom has four walls, wear two of the walls with yellow ceramic tiles. You can arrange the setting like the subway tiles do.

Then, add white grout for them. It makes a perfect and cheerful combination already. The other two walls should be finished with white tiles in the same arrangement and setting. Instead of white grout as well, they should be enriched with yellow grout.

Extend the combination with white bathroom amenities and yellow finished fixtures. It gives you enough yellow for summer feeling, yet it keeps thing in balance.

Yellow and white combination for bathroom wall tiles
Bathroom with yellow tile

3. Yellow on Black and White Background Bathroom Tile

You don’t have to cover the entire bathroom with yellow tiles. Instead, you can focus more in making the yellow focal.

Let’s start with white tiles with small black squares on it. It should make a perfect floor for the bathroom. Continue to finish the bathroom with these tiles up to half down of the wall.

Make borders with black slim tiles for strong finish. The yellow tiles should go from the half wall to top.

Combine the entire concept with white cabinet and black countertop and you find yourself a very creative bathroom with elegant concept.

Yellow and black bathroom tiles

4. Yellow and Gray Bathroom Tile Ideas, Yay!

Let’s get a little more creative in combining. Instead of using black or white or both with yellow, let’s try gray.

Choose medium squares gray for half of the wall to the floor and then finish it with soft gray border. It makes sure darker shade is on the below part.

Using the same gray tiles, cover the floor in diagonal setting or other possible patterns you can make.

Finish the rest of the wall bathroom with yellow tile. To pop the yellow up more, use white and yellow bath rug for décor.

Black, yellow, and gray bathroom tile ideas

Basically, yellow is still an interesting color for a bathroom. It doesn’t have to be hot if you can select the right combination for it. Be creative in setting up the entire tiles. Yellow is the perfect color for summer and fun feeling. Which idea you will pick?

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Combination color ideas for yellow bathroom tile

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