Bathroom Tile Ideas in Grey

Bathroom Tile Ideas in Grey

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Using grey for your bathroom tiles is actually very edgy. This color represents modern and contemporary design with a class of elegance at the same time.

With careful selection of bathroom amenities and decor, it will create an expensive-looking bathroom.

Check out the following ideas for inspiration.


1. Grey Cement-Like Floors

This is actually not a new idea. However, it still works well especially on a modern bathroom. For expensive looking bathroom, use large tiles for the floors instead of the small ones. It also helps in adding airy atmosphere inside.

To make a consistent look, you can also finish the entire bathroom wall with concrete only. Make sure that the floor and wall have consistent tone.

For a balance, choose a single contrasting color for the entire bathroom amenities. White will do well in it without ruining the entire modern style. Don’t forget earth elements for decor and some green plants for accent.

2. Grey Tiles from Floor to Ceiling

Covering the entire wall from the floor to the ceiling with the same grey tile is a simple and great idea at the same time. It instantly changes a functional bathroom into an appealing area.

You should consider selecting tiles with certain grey tones that will work out timelessly and that will be acceptable for the entire family.

If you use white grout on the tiles, you can match it with white bathroom amenities as well. Subway style is a great alternative for the tiles while it looks totally different as well.

Bathroom tile ideas grey and white

3. Contemporary Charcoal Grey Bathroom

This color can enhance a minimalist bathroom into something more valuable. If you want the enduring beauty, you should consider using natural stone tiles. It simply offers stands for more years than any other floor.

For the best looking bathroom, you should use the tiles on the wall and floor. Spare a wall for simple white tiles to avoid boring look, probably around the tub area.

Cover the tub wall with wood panels and add modern fixtures and amenities. A small pot of green will make a nice final touch.

4. Grey Bathroom with White and Marble

Grey and white works well together. This time, let’s finish the entire bathroom wall with any grey tiles you like.

However, if we want to work it with white, darker grey will make the best choice. Border the top and bottom part of the wall with white tiles and use marble for the separation or walk-in shower wall.

White bathroom amenities and fixtures and a little greens will change your bathroom into a nice sanctuary. Natural stone tiles are great but if you are on budget choose cement grey tiles for the same look.

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Basically, grey color looks great all the time. It delivers modern and just zen look while it matches well on great amenities and fixtures. You don’t need to do a lot to work out the grey tiles and bathroom. Use one of the ideas above when you plan to remodel your bathroom.

Contemporary Charcoal Grey Bathroom

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