Bathroom Tile Accent Ideas

Bathroom Tile Accent Ideas for More Vibrant Look

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Even a bathroom needs a vibrant touch and it will make the whole difference in the room. Accent can be added, but what kind of accent can be applied?

Actually, there are so many ideas that you can adopt. Most of them don’t need expensive budget yet it takes creativity and careful tiles selection.

Check out the following ideas for inspiration.


1. Matchstick Tiles for Countertop and Shower Backsplash

If your bathroom has plain and bright walls, you only need to place simple accent to make it more vibrant. On the vanity area, install backsplash from matchstick tiles.

Get four to five rows, and you will have a brilliant accent. In alternative, you can also make a waterfall effect by vertically place the same tiles on the back of the shower from the floor up to the ceiling.

Choose very contrasting color. For example, if your walls are white you can practically use any color from red to blue. Your bathroom will look expensive.

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2. The Moroccan Influence

This idea is actually great if you feel hesitant for being bold with colors. You can focus on shapes and lines.

Instead of replace several of the tiles with contrasting colors, you can pick a wall and start working with Moroccan influenced tile shapes. Choose a shape with consistent finish to the rest of your bathroom wall.

To make sure your eyes will notice the difference, enrich the look with contrasting grout or contrasting color border.

Using earth tones for the border is also a great thing to try. This idea instantly adds elegance and class in your bathroom.

Moroccan influenced tile shapes bathroom

3. Wall of Accent

This idea works very well in a plain bathroom. If you have a bathroom with only single finish for the entire wall or even floor as well, you should consider choosing one of the walls to work on.

Choose a contrasting color you like best to cover the wall. If you want too, you can use glass tiles for more dazzling finish.

Make sure to cover the entire wall from the floor to the ceiling. It instantly adds posh accent in the room. With careful selection on the color, your bathroom will look very expensive fast.

4. Bohemian Landing Wall of Plumbing

This is a popular idea today. Basically, we only need to make small accent for a huge change. Instead of covering other usual areas, we can cover the wall behind the shower fixture with Bohemian style tiles.

For ultimate accent, these tiles can be applied from the floor to the ceiling. If you use rectangle tiles, you can apply it vertically for a waterfall look depending on the look of the tiles.

It simply puts your shower fixtures in a show while it adds accent in a plain wall. It looks sophisticated while it is cheap enough to do.

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There are many ideas that you can actually try. You don’t have to go through complicated things to make a decent accent. Try one of those ideas to get the best look of your bathroom.

Bohemian Landing Wall bathroom

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