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Three Simple yet Best Bathroom Tile Ideas Walk in Shower

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It is nice to have a spacey, bright and airy bathroom that turns showering into a pleasant activity to relieve all tiredness after a day working.

That is why choosing the right bathroom interior is important. Personal taste, style and also the space available are the main things to be considered before making the decision.

The most effective method to bring up the expected vibe into the bathroom is by choosing the right tile. The other furniture such as mirror, washbowl, table, or shelf will follow that decision.

Tile’s pattern, material and colour choice matters a lot. Altogether, the three of them will bring showering into the next level. Here are some tile ideas that you can check out:


1. Natural Atmosphere

Pebble, natural stone, metamorphic rock, limestone and granite bring natural ambience. If you like the natural sensation in showering, then this idea might work for you.

It is better to use colour combination of green, wooden colour, and natural stone colour for this design. Pebble, natural stone, and limestone are the best choice in creating natural atmosphere.

Decorate your floor with pebbles or limestone and cover your wall with granite or metamorphic rock. Then, add some green potted plants at one or two corners might also bring nature into the room. You will get the nature inside your bathroom.

Natural bathroom tile ideas walk in shower

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2. Classic Feel

Ceramic, subway and woodlock would be your perfect partner if you want to bring classic into your bathroom. Subway might be the best type for this kind of interior for it represents simplicity in the design.

Ceramic and woodlock comes next. The colour combinations that will suit best for this atmosphere are white, icy and light colour. Cover the floor with light colour woodlock or ceramic and also half of the wall for about three quarter of your height.

Leave the wall uncovers and have it painted with matching colour. Vintage furniture will be perfectly fit for you classic bathroom.

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3. Luxury Look

Marble and travertine make your bathroom luxurious. It is better to use only one type of tile while decorating. Using the colour combination of white and black, light grey and black or only one colour such as dark gray will surely gives your bathroom a luxury look.

Try to cover the wall and floor with dark grey marble and choose silvery ornaments and furniture to decorate your bathroom.

Or cover the floor and wall only on the showering are with light grey travertine and let black travertine covers the rest of the area. Furniture with the touch of golden colour would suit this luxury bathroom best.

As you now have three simple yet best ideas for your bathroom tile. You can start planning to decorate your bathroom as you desired.

All of ideas are using the type of tiles that are easy to be found and bought. Do make a little research for more detailed texture, pattern and colours available for each type. Happy decorating!

Luxury bathroom tile ideas walk in shower

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