Wall Tiles Design for Bathroom

5 Wall Tiles Design for Bathroom You Need to Adopt

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Every detail in your bathroom defines the final look including the wall tiles. Instead of staying boring and old, you can give a kick in the whole concept with fun design for the wall tiles.

There are actually more than enough tiles to use for this yet the key is on the combination. Check out the following designs.

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1. Green Glass and Watery Blue

This combination will make a graphic punch in a nice plain white bathroom. Basically, you make lines of green glass tiles and then watery blue tiles and repeat it to fill the wall.

The nice thing is you don’t need to fill the whole bathroom walls. You can pick just the shower wall, for example.

It leaves you with more kick on the design while adding fresh and modern touch in the room. Very nice.

Green Glass and Watery Blue wall tiles design for bathroom

2. Marble Planks

Plank wall tiles are very popular. It is often called as subway style bathroom. This can be a known style but you can add a little twist by using more expensive tiles for it like marble.

It gives you similar look yet marble gives you more divined finish and luxurious touch It makes a great wall tile to emphasize color contrast in the bathroom or to balance a consistent look that can be very boring.

Marble Planks wall tiles design for bathroom white and gray

3. Various Shapes Various Colors

Don’t get it wrong, your bathroom doesn’t have to be so colorful. You can choose the same silver lining like marble white, or watery blue.

You just need to use levels of the same color or the contrast. Use each color and shape on a section of the bathroom. You can use as many colors and shapes as the amount of sections you have.

It allows you to create sections and rooms in the bathroom, like dry area and wet area, without adding too many walls in it.

Marble white wall tile design bathroom

4. The Same Tiles for Walls and Floors

Many modern styled bathrooms are finished with this design. It allows you to have consistent look in the entire bathroom.

Of course, it can be totally boring and dull unless you have attractive amenities with contrasting colors.

This design is still ideal for your bathroom if you like to add decor and accessories to keep it more alive. If you choose the tiles carefully, you will get sophisticated and more defined look.

Modern wall tile and floor design for bathroom

5. Focal Wall with Mosaic

If your bathroom looks dull, you will need a focal point for styling and an interior statement. In this case, using mosaic tiles can be a great idea.

Choose shade that is similar to your bathroom interior concept but make it more elaborated and alive. Choose only one side of the walls for the focal point and finish it with the new tiles.

It changes the bathroom look in an instant while it doesn’t necessarily changes anything else in the room.

Mosaic tiles design for wall bathroom

So we actually can be creative in wall tiles. Instead of making it the same, we can try something new that offers more elaborated look and improve the bathroom look. Adopt those ideas for easy application with amazing result.

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