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5 Ways to Spice up Your Bathroom Wall Designs

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Let’s be honest; bathroom designs tend to be bland. Surely, simpler bathroom would be easily maintained and cleaned.

But don’t forget that the house is representative of their owner personality, your bathroom included.

Is it impossible to achieve easy maintenance with style? The answer is no! These are the ways to do it.


1. Pick Your Style

Of course, you should decide your bathroom theme before starting anything. You can go simple by following your house main theme, but it’s OK to be creative and show your own personality.

Pro tip number one: mind your bath room size and pick something that can be easily utilized. You wouldn’t want difficulties getting into the bathroom just because your decorations are in the way, right?

2. Color the Walls

Okay, you don’t have to paint it. But it would be great if you got a nice background. There’s so many options; paint it whole, paint accents on your plain wall, put up fancy wallpapers, or add artistic tiles to your walls.

Strategical placing your paint, wallpapers, or tiles still can be eye candy and wallet-friendly. Pro tip number two: use what’s lying around and kindly ask your neighbor if they have leftover tiles or paint you can use.

Bathroom wallpaper designs

3. Hang some decoration

This is the part for those in tight budget or just being lazy to shine! If you don’t plan to do this, you can skip. For those who do, here’s pro tip number three: go simple when the walls already crowded and vice versa. You want them to ‘pop’ from the background.

The easiest way to do this is to pick something that can easily be seen together with wall. If you had neutral color on your wall, you can pick any other color. Same thing, pick opposing color of decoration from your wall or use the neutral color for minimalistic look.

4. Consider Lighting

Lighting isn’t the only thing that would make your selfie look good, your bathroom can look grand or bad under it.

Pro tip number four: pick a sufficient light to do your business and place it strategically.

A light bulb in the center is the simplest way to go, but investing a few lights in the corner might benefit you and your bathroom aesthetic. You might also want to consider the electric bills, though.

5. Make Them Last

This is a must. You won’t a guest to go in and see yellow stains on your walls. Yikes! Put extra care to your paint or wallpaper and give it extra coat for protection.

Don’t forget to protect your decoration as well. Clean up your bathroom, including the floors and walls, regularly also suggested.

And there you have it, a personalized bathroom adjusted to your style. Now you can proudly show it to your guests or simply spend some time showering as you stare to your brand new bathroom. If something goes bad along the way, don’t be discouraged to change or adjust it to your needs. Good luck!

Bathroom wall decor ideas

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