Different Ways How to Decorate a Bathroom Wall using typhography
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Different Ways How to Decorate a Bathroom Wall

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Are you looking for the bathroom wall decoration ideas? These are actually several ideas that you can use to decorate your bathroom wall in the most effective way.

These following ideas are for the best relaxing experience you will get in your bathroom. Check this out.


1. Typography Quote

Typography is an art of writing and is known to bring elegance and soothing feeling if being put in the right place.

This decoration can be applied by putting on vinyl stickers on the wall or you can just write it using paintbrush. Make sure that you write a soothing quote that helps your mind to get relaxed.

The purpose of a bathroom is to give you relaxing feeling while you are cleaning yourself. That’s why the typography is useful in this case; it may give your brain relaxation just by reading it.

But make sure not to write with big font, keep the writing simple yet soothing.

Bathroom wall decor with wood shelves
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2. Shelves

If your bathroom does not have any shelves, start installing one. Why should there be shelved? It is because when you have shelves, it means you can put things that can be useful to increase the soothing feeling in your bathroom.

For example, you can put artificial white roses or lily, framed pictures or photos, table vintage clock, and incense. You can also roll your towels and put those on the shelves. See? The shelves have many purposes and uses.

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3. Decorative Letter

Bathroom wall art ideas decor with letter alphabets

Decorative letter is a decoration of alphabets. You can buy the word you want to spell separately. For example, if you want to put it on a bathroom wall, you can buy the alphabets of B, A, T, H and hang or install them on the bathroom wall.

This decoration will give joyful atmosphere to your bathroom. Not only soothing, but a bathroom can also be decorated to increase the joyful experience. Just make sure the font style is not too much; just keep it simple.

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4. Black and White Photography

This decoration would make the room feel relaxing. There are fewer colors in the picture and it is great for relaxing purposes.

Photographic pictures are different with normal pictures. Photography pictures have the sense of art in every picture and it is soothing.

The soothing art mixed with relaxing black and white colors makes this decoration irreplaceable. Just remember to put black, wood frame with white background to give an additional soothing feeling.

Fish tank in bathroom wall

5. Install an Aquarium

Is it weird? No, it is not; it is called anti-mainstream. When other decorations seem usual, installing an aquarium on your wall would be an unusual decoration for your bathroom.

The first thing you should do is to make a hole on your wall to make sure the size is perfect for the aquarium to be put into.

Leave a little gap on the top side so that you can feed your fish. After the installation is done, make sure to put in some fish. Don’t put the big ones, small numbers of small fish are the best to keep the relaxing atmosphere.

These decorations are the best decorations recommended because it would give the bathroom soothing and relaxing feeling. A bathroom has to be soothing and relaxing, that is why you need to know bathroom wall decorations.

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