How to Decorate Kitchen Wall Tiles

How to Decorate Kitchen Wall Tiles

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There are many ways how to decorate kitchen wall tiles. In this article, we will discuss about the best decorations to be put on kitchen wall tiles.

Why is a decoration needed in a kitchen? It is because in order to cook tasty food, you must feel good first.

These decorations will spoil your eyes:

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1. Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers are known to be common as wall decoration, but you can design your own vinyl stickers if you find the right place.

You can use the opportunity to design typography quotes, food and beverages pictures, cooking quotes, or bible quotes.

With this, you can be as creative as you want it to be. But remember, some of these stickers cannot be replaced and will leave remains, so be careful and be thoughtful in choosing the right place to design it.

Kitchen wall tile stickers as decoration

2. Shelves

Shelves are multi-purposes, you can put anything on it and you can be creative about it. But the case here is that you need to install it on your kitchen tiles; it means whatever the purposes it needs to be useful for cooking.

There are some decorations that can be put on the shelves like artificial plants, cooking books, and pictures of your family with various designs of frames.

These shelves can also be used to put cooking ingredients and spices like salt, pepper, vinegar, etc. Just make sure these spices are being put in decorative jars that will be mixed well with your kitchen furniture.

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3. Be Colorful

This should be done in the first place. Make sure that your tiles are colorful and decorative. There are many designs of kitchen wall tiles and some might be great to be put on your kitchen wall.

You can choose the one with flower painting and vibrant colors to give a relaxing and warm atmosphere in your kitchen.

If the color of your tiles is bland, you can try to paint them with acrylic paints and your creativity. Do not use water based paint or it may get rinsed if it gets water on it.


4. Simple Pictures

You can also put on simple pictures or art on your kitchen tiles as decorations. The things need to be considered are the color of the frame and its material, the background color, and the picture color.

The material and the color of the frame need to be matched with the material of your cabinet so that it can balance the whole kitchen atmosphere.

The background color should be white, but it follows the color of the tiles. The color of the picture needs to be black and white. More colors would make your kitchen look old. It is better to keep the pictures simple yet elegant.

The first thing to do is to choose the right tiles and the other decorations can follow it. A kitchen should be warm, elegant, relaxing, and joyful; that’s why creativity is needed as the basic of decorating.

There are many ways to decorate kitchen wall tiles and the decorations mentioned above are the most recommended ones.

Kitchen wall tile backsplash decor ideas

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