How to Decorate a Large Wall in Living Room with typhography

How to Decorate a Large Wall in Living Room with Anti-Mainstream Ideas

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Do you want to know large wall ideas for living room decoration?

This article will discuss it and the unusual ideas recommended to make your wall looks decorative.

Let’s not talking about pictures and frames, those decorations are too usual or mainstream.

These are anti-mainstream ideas to decorate your large wall in the living room:


1. Typography

You can paint the wall or you can put wallpaper on it. But, how about drawing typography? Typography is an art of handwriting to give authentic and elegant feeling.

Have you ever considered putting typography on your large wall? It could be really fun to work with. The key point of a great typography is to paint your wall color with color that match with the furniture in your living room.

Do not paint it with any different color, just choose one. Whatever color you choose, make sure the typography color is white or other vibrant color.

This will bring not only elegance but also joyful atmosphere. But typography is close with simplicity, so the decorations in your living room cannot be too many or the elegance and joyful feeling will be gone.

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2. Classic Motorcycle

This is an anti-mainstream idea and would give people inspirations. People often said that photos are the only way to stop moments.

How about your first classic motorcycle? We are talking about old school motorcycles like Café Racer, Japstyle, and Chopper.

For a decoration, you only need to buy the frame and some other of its mechanisms; you may install the machine too, but make sure the machine does not work anymore.

Doing this would give your living room classy and old school atmosphere. But with this decoration, your room must be wide and there must be less decoration in the living room.

Also, supportive furniture and other decorations with old school theme would be perfect to join it.

Living room decor ideas with old classic motorcycle

3. Vinyl Sticker

Vinyl stickers are common as wall decoration, but there are many places that let you design your own vinyl stickers. This way, you can be as creative as ever.

For example, you chose London t theme, and you want the Big Ben vinyl sticker with other buildings.

It can be done, and also, no one would have the same decoration. You are also able to mix this decoration with the others mentioned above.

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4. Large Clock

Believe it or not there are large clocks sold online with 2 meters tall. This decoration would fit your large wall in the living room.

But by putting this decoration, you need more spaces or your living room would look narrow. Even if there are other large clocks that you think would be really well to be mixed together in one room, do not do it.

There can only be one large clock in your house to keep it anti-mainstream.

What do you think? Some of these decorations might look crazy to be put on a living room large wall, but these decorations are anti-mainstream and unique. Now you know that by using anti-mainstream decorations, you can be creative as you can be.

Large wall in Living room decor ideas with clock

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