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Awesome Living Room Wall Decor Ideas. Follow New Trends

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Do you feel that something is missing in the room? If the furniture and fixture are already there, then there is only one possible missing item: the wall decoration.

Since walls occupied around 30% of the room frame, leaving them alone will make the whole setting looks vacant.

Fill it with something artistic to liven up the atmosphere.

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The Harmony and Tragedy Of Wall Decoration

There are a lot of wall decorations available in the store. It is quite alarming to learn that many people cannot make their mind on which ornament to put. This problem happens because they don’t know the rules of decorating a wall. Learning about these points will be a good start.

1. Fitting Size

The golden rule of wall decoration is the size. You could ruin the most beautiful painting only by hanging it on narrow wall. Thus, it is important to measure the width of the wall. For perfect fit, take 6-12 inches from each side. For example, the width of the wall is 40 inches. After substracting 6 inches from each side, the perfect width for the decoration is 38 inches.

2. Over The Furniture

The first rule applies for bare walls without anything beneath it. If you love to push the furniture close to the wall, then the rule should be changed. You could try to find the paintings or ornaments that have similar or smaller size. Otherwise, they will look dull when placed above the furniture.

3. Spacious Wall

There are some houses with gigantic walls. If you refer to the previous measurement, it might be a hard job to find any painting with the perfect size. Instead of filling the whole space with one single painting, it is better to hang several small decorations on the wall. This trick will maintain “wide” impression without leaving it completely bland.

Another piece of advice for you: pick the paintings or pictures with diptych or triptych pattern. This is a painting that is divided into two or three parts. If the wall tone is plain, pair it with vibrant colored ornament. Choosing another pale decoration won’t spice up the room.

4. Enough Height

One more mistake many people do is hanging the picture either too high or too low. The perfect height for painting or any other decoration is within the eye sight. Your guests don’t have to look up or lower their head and hurt their neck to see your piece of art. In general, the suitable height is approximately 60 inches from the ground.

If you want to hang it above furniture, then give enough space. Measure about six or eight inches from the furniture. There might be some cases when the ideal center height positions makes part of the painting blocked by the other project. To solve this problem, you have to push the painting a little bit to the side. Play the vignete (setting) so the painting could stand as the member of the whole group.

Home decor ideas for small living room with simple furniture and large window

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Decoration Ideas

It is time to put the knowledge into action. Now you get to the fun part: choosing your favorite art ornament to hang on the wall. Look at some great samples before hunting for the perfect piece.

1. Metalic Frame

There is a way to make your old picture gets back the shine it deserves. Purchase a metalic frame and put the photo in it. Make sure the photo is black and white. Colorful photo will not highlight the frame. It is the shining color of the frame that would make the wall vibrant.

2. Green Plants

Do you want to bring the nature to the room? For limited budget plan, you could simply pluck  the leaves from any plants from your backyard. Make pressed plant and frame it nicely. Pick any painting tone similar to the wall color. Transparent background would be great for this concept.

3. Postcard Art

Got a pile of postcard on the storage room? Bring them out, then! Show the beautiful postcards to the guest. Pick a plain frame with plywood base. Arrange and glue the postcards to the board. Don’t think about the pretty look, just put any color to next to any picture. Want to make it more classy? Keep the postcards without any outer frame.

4. Marble Paint

DIY person might be challenged to make original art form to fill up the empty space. Those who have time and concept will be more than pleased to make the marble painting. The materials are simple: shaving cream and watercolor paint. Mix them and spread them in abstract form. Voila! There you got the marble look.

5. Yarn Art

Another simple project you could do is the yarn art. Take the plain board frame and some yarn. Dip the yarn to a bowl of glue. Make sure all parts of the yarn is covered. Then stick them to the board, making abstract art. Let it dry for several hours. Now take the spray paint and apply it to the artwork. Spare some more time for drying process.

6. Monochrome Art

Colorful decoration might scare you when the color is too vibrant. Moreover, vivid color should be paired with furniture of similar color. If you don’t have any of them in the room, then the painting will be dull. To compliment the simple concept, hang monochrome wall art, such as black swirl on the white canvas.

7. Mirror With Art Frame

This wall decoration is suggested for those who have limited space room. Mirror could give the illusion of bigger room. Since the mirror also serves as the wall decoration, pick the one with unique frame. In addition, the color should compliment the other furniture as well. Otherwise, the mirror cannot blend with the items in the room.

Sometimes, the hardest thing about decorating the walls is not the budget, but the lack of knowledge about ornament aesthetic. Believe it or not, many people are afraid to make silly mistakes; putting too big figures, hanging overwhelming painting, etc. End all those concerns with the perfect trick above!

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