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Most Popular Rustic Italian Decor Ideas For Your House

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Rustic concept calls for a lot of descriptions: farm barn, wooden decoration, and even Italian design. Each person thus has different preference for their own rustic concept.

Among the three options, Italian rustic concept is the most eccentric one. It has several patron and rules to obey. Without these points, the decoration will not have the French vibe.

The Basic Rules

Italian decoration is popular for its simplicity and elegance. Although some patterns are often included, they are usually related to the nature: flower, animals, etc.

If you are interested in Italian style decorations, it would be great to learn about how the local citizen decorate their own home.

Living Room Rustic Italian Decor Ideas
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At least, you have the chance to learn about the standard dos and dont’s.

  1. The wall should be painted with white based colors to give off the Italian vibe. Another color option is pastel earth tone: apricot, ivory, etc. No vibrant color in interior walls.
  2. Those who love pattern could also have it on the walls. The most popular patterns are floral and abstract. Want some fancy touch? Then go for stenciled walls. The silvery shine would improve the wall look.
  3. Italians are mostly Catholic. That is why, a framed santa picture has become an important part of the decoration. It looks like blurred mosaic from afar, but actually has various colors on it.
  4. For the textile, Italian homes love white cotton cloth. It is not suggested to put the silk cloth, even though you are going after extravagant concept. In summer, the colors are slightly vibrant: cream and yellow. As in the winter, Italians love to create warm atmosphere. The cloth decoration will change into dark oranges and brick red tone.
  5. It is quite difficult to be elegant with color only. The local people decorates the edges of their clothes with hand embroidery or crochet lace in pale tone close to white.
  6. Local people loves for crochet can be seen in almost any house ornaments. It is on the table runners, table cloth, bed cover, and even the sofa!
  7. One of the unique characteristic of Italian houses is the windows. They are slim, tall and installed in many places. There is also shutters covering the window. Usually, the covers are opened on both sides, giving access for the wind to enter.
  8. Italy is famous for its heat, especially in the afternoon. Therefore, every house must have a veranda and pergola to take a nap. It is basically an open air space with thin curtains, lazy bench and coffee table.
  9. The furniture is mostly made from woods. Instead of covering the wood pattern with paint, the original Italian style loves the unfinished product with dark coating. However, the Tuscan and Calabrian country prefer to have the straw furniture.
  10. Especially for the kitchen area, the flooring is made from stone. The locals produce this item and sell it as a large or cut slab. Another option is fired clay. It has terracotta style, meaning that the clay doesn’t have glaze yet.
  11. The other rooms in the house have either ceramic tiles or terrazzo. The ceramic tiles usually represent Renaissance design. Terrazzo, on the other hand, is composed of marble cuts, which give abstract look on the floor.
Wall and Entry Tuscan Flavor Rustic Italian Decor Ideas
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Decoration Ideas

After you learning about the basic rules of Italian design, it is time to put the knowledge into practice. You don’t have to remodel the whole room and also the furniture. Start the project from simple decorations first.

1. The Entryway

Take the tall wooden door as the entrance door. For realistic effect, pick the door made from oat woods. Don’t forget about the iron knocker, rod and handle. All of them are rustic black.

Entryway Door Rustic Italian Decor Ideas

2. Window Shutters

For this decoration, you will need metal track installed on the ceiling or above the window area. The tall wooden shutter here is replacing the function of the curtain. The track will help you to fold and unfold the window for light adjustment.

Window Shutters Rustic Italian decor ideas
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3. Hallway Setting

If you happen to have a hallway at home, it would be a perfect area to show the Italian feels. On the T-junction wall, put a framed oil painting. Create an illusion of white brick wall as well. On the sides, add short table with a desk lamp on it.

Hallway Rustic Italian Design Decor Ideas
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4. Bar

In the past, Italian kitchen serves as the place to cook meals, having dinner and family room. Copying this concept, you could have a bar as a part of the family area. Make sure to stack the wines on the wall and put a lot of wood elements for the bar furniture.

Kitchen Bar Rustic Italian Decor Ideas

5. Curved Arch

There is a way to add Italian touch to the kitchen. Make a curved arch on the wall instead of the solid square hole. Trim the arch to mimic the brick shape, then paint them with red brick color.

Curved Arch Kitchen Brick Wall Rustic Italian Style

6. Powder Room

In modern day, it is the small area in the bathroom with mirror and sink. For the ladies, this is a perfect space to do their hair and makeup. The sink must have the stone feel, covered in white tone and paired with vintage faucet. The mirror is placed behind Italian classic window grille.

Bathroom Powder Room Rustic Italian Design

7. Bedroom

The heart of Italian bedroom is the wood beam. It should be the star of the room. The other decorations must not overpower the eccentric ceiling. There is no need for curtain covered bed. Having the wood ceiling is more than enough.

Stunning Bedroom Rustic Italian Decor Ideas

8. Stairway

Having two stories house? Then the Italian design might be a great inspiration. It uses hand forged iron with thin bars as the balusters. The steps have stone structure with a nice trimming at the edge.

Stairway Rustic Italian Decor Ideas

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How could you tell Italian rustic and the warm barn concept? French style is basically the combination of mustard yellow, earth color and red. If you want to incorporate patterns, the most popular ones are farm animals, floral and tapestries. For more tips about French vibe decoration, refer to the details above.


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