DIY Wooden Crate Ideas for Rustic Home Decor

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Why so many people are obsessed with crate DIY projects? First, it could literally turn into any house furniture or decoration.

In the other words, unused crate is a perfect object for creative exploration.

It also has lower price compared to the newly bought one. In addition, making some of the furniture by yourself could give personal touch.


1. Crate Farmhouse Bench

What could you think of when having crates for the DIY project? Most people will think of storage space, since it has perfect square shape and quite big space capacity.

What about a farmhouse bench? It shares similar shape, but crate could make it special. It gives the European vibe with pastel color. You can even get the industrial look. All you have to do is painting it with dark tones.

For this project you have to build the bench first. Make sure to give enough space for the crate to slip in. The bench feet should be white, the seat is dark brown, and aged green for the crate.

It will look even more antique if you could find a spot with brick pattern. To complete the bench, provide several colorful cushions on the top. Cushion with solid color shouts elegance, while patterns gives festive atmosphere to the bench.

Crate Farmhouse Bench for rustic home decoration ideas

2. Crate Lockers

Thanks to the built, crate could fit to limited space without reducing the storage space in it. Thus, the crate is mostly used as the alternative storage. Many people simply re-paint the crate but you could make something fancier: the crate lockers. The idea is to have mini locked cabinet. To see what’s inside, all you have to do is peeking to the side. Fancy, isn’t it?

To start the project, you have to purchase at least three crates. After rinsing and sanding them, you need to paint them. One layer won’t be enough, so apply several layer to get solid look. Allow the crate to dry before adding another layer. Then, add support piece to the crate. It is especially important if you want the vertical cabinet.

Drill the corners to install the screws. For the plywood door, attach it using hinges. To make the cabinet prettier, you can vary the colors or add accessories such as plate numbers on the door.

How to build Unique DIY Crate Lockers

3. Outdoor Bar Table

Do you like spending your time outdoors? If yes, then you must be familiar with the hassle of having outdoor activities. It takes a lot of effort to clean up and then clean up the dirty plates after. Now you could have a multipurpose outdoor bar table, made from crates!

Go to the second hand store and take twelve of their best crates. You will also need some deck boards for the top cover. Don’t forget to stock outdoor paints (in some shops they call it garden paint), castor wheel, plated bracket, and screws.

The first step to do is painting the crates to solid color. If needed, you could clean the crates before coating it. After the crates dried completely, stack three of them horizontally and screw them together. At the back, screw the back plate on the connected joint. Bring two stacked crates together and screw them from the inner part. Repeat the process for the wings part. Then, add the top base. Paint it with darker color.

Crate Outdoor Bar Table Sets

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4. Kids Organizers

Teachers who work with kids at school has similar challenge to the parents at home. They love to explore things, have a lot of toys and stationery. In the end of the day, the room would be extremely messy because of their things. To deal with this problem, you could make kids organizers. They will help the kids to keep their toys safe.

For starters, it is suggested to take six crates. Paint them all white. During this process, you have to be patient. Give enough time for the paint to dry before moving to the next step. When the outer side has been painted, it is time to coat the inner part. Choose bright, vibrant colors that the kids love: pink, mint green, sky blue, etc. If possible, apply different shade to each crate.

Stack the crates horizontally. Make sure that the opened side is facing forward. Apply glue on the connected sides. Let them dry. You can also use screws for stronger bond. Voila! Your storage is ready to use!

Crate Kids Organizers Pottery Barn

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5. Book Shelves For Limited Space

Many houses have that empty space behind the door. It is too small for normal cabinet, so most of the times this space has no function at all. Then you look at the books and magazine scattered on the floor. Isn’t it a great idea to have hidden book shelves for the room?

For this project, you literally need one crate only. It will be divided into two symmetrical parts. You could make it smaller if the space behind your door is smaller than the crate cuts. It is important to measure the height of the crate as well the distance of the crates. Make sure the distance is reachable for kids.

Paint the crate with any color or pattern you want. If you want to go classic, then pick either solid or pastel color. Pattern painting will make grand appearance when the room is already dominated with plain tone. Now install the crate shelf on the wall. Use screws or metal plate to support the shelves.

Crate Bookshelf DIY ideas

6. Coffee Mug Display

Another smart way to use crates is making coffee mug display. The process only takes a day. You don’t even need to paint the whole crates. The work that requires painting is only letter block on the top which says “coffee”. The important aid for this project is hook. You are going to need a lot of them to hang the mug.

Crate Coffee Mug Display DIY for Rustic Home Decoration

When people are discussing about rustic house ideas, your imaginations might bring to the warm memories; barn, brown, black, white and wood. Since each person has different ideas about “rustic”, it might be difficult to find suitable pair in the store. So, why don’t you try to make one?

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