Rustic Farmhouse Porch Décor Ideas

Amazing Rustic Farmhouse Porch Décor Ideas of the Season

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Do you happen to find that your porch uninteresting? Are you bored with your porch décor style? Do you want to change it into unique style? You can design your home porch with something rustic.

You can even make the décor by yourself. You can make use of any old wood or cans to decorate your porch and set the theme of cozy farmhouse for it.

When you come visiting your friends or your relatives, one side of the house which brings pleasant feeling is the front porch. The good or bad impression of your house can be directly seen from it.

To give good impression to your guests, you can decorate your porch with the farmhouse setting. The interiors for it can also create comfortable and cozy atmosphere.


Before moving to the décor ideas, what is rustic décor style? You can say that a rustic design is always associated with an antique style. Yes, it’s completely true as you commonly use repurposed goods, the greenery, and also old wood.

First place where you can boast off your rustic style is your front porch. This décor style is always being one of the favorites among the interior designers.

What become the signs of rustic farmhouse décor style is wooden wall painted in white and natural wooden floor. Before decorating your porch with some unique and rustic interiors, try to paint your porch wall and set up the floor. Then, if the setting is ready, you will be easily choosing the interiors suited to your vintage farmhouse design.

If you don’t want to hire some interior designers to give some rustic touch on your front porch, you can always try and make the decoration by yourself. Here are some DIY ideas on how to make your front porch into a farmhouse. It is easy to do and you don’t need lots of time to make it.

Here are 8 ideas for rustic farmhouse porch decor. Check it out.

1. A Welcome Sign

Make your guests feel really welcomed when they find a large welcome sign written on a piece of wood.

Find some old large wood first. You can maintain its natural condition or you can paint it. But, since rustic style is about nature, it would be better to leave it just the way it is. Then, write the welcome lettering vertically. After it is dry, put this large wooden sign near your front house entrance.

Put one candle inside the used glass jar and place it near the sign. These two combinations can make the feeling of entering your house more tempting.

To represent its natural side, also place one big potted leaf on the corner of the house near the welcome sign and the candle.

Welcome Sign rustic farmhouse porch decor

2. Plant Stand from Old Ladder

Make use of your old painting ladder to decorate your porch. You can turn some useless trash into magnificent display. Rest the old ladder on one side of your porch wall.

To give more artistic impact on the ladder, attach sheets of old washboards onto the wall. After the setting is ready, put some small potted plants on each ladder board. You can also display some colorful potted flowers or your old object collection.

Plant Stand from Old Ladder for Rustic Farmhouse Porch Decor ideas

3. Repurposed Reel Stall

Do you happen to find used round wooden cable reel near your house? You can trick it into a beautiful stall to sit on your front porch.

Paint the reel in white and positioned it as the stall. Decorate the reel with some lanterns and lamps which have been painted in the same color. The mixture of the cable reel and the lightings can bring the atmosphere of outdoor camping at night. Mix this décor with parquet floor and white-painted wall to bring out the classic farmhouse look.

Repurposed Reel Stall for rustic farmhouse decor ideas

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4. Planters from Old Tin Bucket

Decorate the stairs of your front porch with some greeny planters. Collect some old tin buckets which are on the same size. To create the rustic look, don’t paint them. Keep their natural conditions. Change your old tin buckets into some planters. Plant some colorful flowers or some small greeny trees. Arrange them on each stair of your front porch.

Planters from Old Tin Bucket porch decor

5. Rusty Lantern as Unique Hanging Pot

Find old lantern. It is better if it is already rusty to give a rustic look for your porch.

  • Replace the bolt inside the lantern.
  • Use the bolt holders as a steady holder for an old transparent small cup.
  • Fill the cup with water and put some bright flowers like wildflowers or dandelions to light up your porch.
  • Hang it onto the edge of the porch roof or the pillar of your front porch.

Rustic farmhouse porch decor ideas with Rusty Lantern as Unique Hanging Pot

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6. Old Grocery Trolley for Garden Display

Find an old trolley for grocery.

  • Paint it in black.
  • Fill each shelf with old wooden drawer.
  • Decorate each shelf with some flowers or gardening tools.
  • Place the trolley on the corner of the porch.

Old Grocery Trolley for Garden Display rustic farmhouse porch decor ideas

7. Old Train Station Bench

Go to some used stores to see if they have long broken wooden bench. When you find one, paint the bench in white to give distressed look. Place the bench near your entrance door.

Old Train Station Bench rustic farmhouse porch decor

8. Used Milk Container

Milk container made from steel or iron is also suitable to create a classic look.

  • Choose one container which is old enough and, it would be better if its paint has already peeled off so that you can see some rusty spots on it.
  • Wrap the container with some ropes.
  • Put your favorite plants or flowers into the container.
  • Your used milk container pot is ready to take part as your rustic décor.

Rustic farmhouse porch decor with old milk container

The key to create vintage or classic décor style for your porch is to choose used or repurposed items. The rustic look is captured from them. So, are you ready to find some old items for your front porch? Look for them inside your storage. Have fun decorating your porch!

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