How to Decorate a Bohemian Living Room Easily

5 Simple Steps on How to Decorate a Bohemian Living Room Easily

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Do you want to make your living room being an amazing place to gather around with your friends and family? Have you ever tried to decorate it with a very bold and colorful decoration?

You probably want to try to decorate it with a bohemian style if you know how easy it is to set inside your house.

But, what is a bohemian style décor? You can say that it is a kind of a free style décor. This style of décor is inspired from a bohemian yet carefree mystique in a traveler world.


It reflects the free strong-willed behavior which spreads energetic, lively, and bold characteristics.

When you apply this unique style in your living room, you can create an aesthetic yet dynamic looks which can be really inspiring. You can mix and match anything based on your décor taste.

You can even choose colorful ornaments or furniture to be placed in your living room even if the colors are unmatched. You can choose any colors, any patterns, any motifs, any texture, anything! Isn’t it great?

A bohemian style, or a boho style, is very famous in the décor style world nowadays. It becomes really well-known as it allows you to show a bright, colorful and bold décor.

This kind of style is suitable for people who like to make experiments or exploration or reinvention on interior decoration. If you look for a change in your living room atmosphere, you can try this distinctive décor style.

You can also decorate the living room according to your personality, your life interest, inspiring patterns and colors. Generally, make your own living room as a character reflecting your liveliness. Try to capture various kinds of décor styles, patterns and colors. Be brave and confident to put everything to decorate the living room.

Bohemian Living room Home Decor Ideas

If you are ready to give some bohemian décor style inside your house, first thing to do is try to define you. Look deeply into your heart and soul, how you describe yourself as a human being. Then, after you got the answer, try to implement it into your décor style. Remember! This boho style isn’t intended for an organized person.

Besides, fancy décor rules are not applicable in the boho style. Don’t block your creativity when you decorate the room. Don’t be discouraged when you see that your living room becomes really chaotic. It may seem a bit chaotic, you think, but it is not. You are considered to be successful in creating a bohemian style if you can show rich patterns, textures, details and colors. Then, the result is a colorful yet relaxed look.

So, are you ready to do a bit experiment for your house? Here are 7 great steps that you can follow when you want to give a bohemian touch in your living room. There are 7 a-must-have features that you need to put when you decorate with the bohemian interiors.

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1. Add Lots of Cute Items

Keep in mind! Bohemian style is basically about lots of adorable ornaments. And decorating your living room with them everywhere is what you must do. Ornaments like charms, tassels or pom poms are what you need to put all over the place in the living room. Hang lots of them everywhere to bring the bohemian vibe out.

2. Decorate with Lots of Greenery

Bohemian style also means natural décor style. To create the natural style for the room, you can put lots of green plants. Put as many plants as you want. You can put them near the windows, or at every corner of the room, or you can even hang them. For smaller plants, you can put them on the table. To make the plants more colorful and fun, choose attractive planters. Or, you can DIY your own planters suited with your personal style.

3. Decorate with Multi-colored Rugs

As you already know, bohemian represents colorful idea. Then, choose carpets or rugs with rich details to give a boho touch on the floor. Choose rugs with lots of colors and patterns which are really eye-catching. This choice of décor can make your room become more eclectic.

4. Throw Lots of Pillows

To bring a bohemian vibe in your living room in an instant way, just put lots of pillows on the sofa. Choose pillows in different motifs. Don’t forget to choose the ones with energetic colors and remarkable patters to give the bohemian look. Besides the sofa, you can also place some pillows on the rugs. You may also choose the pillows of different sizes as the décor. The sizes, the patterns, the textures, the colors, and also the motifs can be different for each pillow. No fixed rules!

5. Decorate with Hammocks

It can’t be denied that hammocks have become relaxing and pleasant bohemian décor style that everyone must have in their house. You can add one interior hammock to make your living room warm and cozy. The additional of hammock as the décor is also resulted in the excellent look.

6. Add Wall Decoration

To bring a bit of boho aura in the room, you can add a little bit of gipsy touch. You can decorate your wall with some gipsy ornaments. You can hang lots of flying bird decorations, colorful pictures, vibrant house signs, etc.

7. Pay Attention to the Lighting

One important thing to create a bohemian décor style is about details and one of them is about the space lighting in your house. To make it radiant and bright, you can mix different sources of lights for the room. Combine the natural light from the sun, pendants and also candles altogether. These combinations can set the bohemian mood as well as create great interest of everybody visiting your house.

It is easy to set up a chic bohemian style, isn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself some of those decorations now and change your house into some colorful yet lively boho house. Don’t be discouraged when some of your fiends don’t like it. What matters the most is your feelings. Don’t hold yourself and be creative!

How to Decorate a Bohemian Living Room Easily

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