How to Cleaning and Sparkling Glass Stovetop in Minutes

How to Cleaning and Sparkling Glass Stovetop in Minutes

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Are you a person who directly takes your guest into your kitchen? It is said that a comfortable and enjoyable house can be seen from its kitchen.

For most people, kitchen is their kingdom. Do you want to boast your cozy and clean kitchen to everybody else? Then, let’s see how to make your cooking tools, especially your glass stove, astounding.

Is it wonderful to have a clean and beautiful kitchen? If you spend lots of time cooking for your family and relatives, a clean and organized kitchen is a must for you.

The condition of your kitchen can always determine your cooking mood and also your food taste. Are you comfortable enough to find that your cooking tools are dirty? It is better to keep them all clean after you finish using them, isn’t it?


Cooking tools are basically easy to clean. But, the problem is on your stovetop. If you happen to have a glass stovetop sitting on your kitchen, then you have to be regularly clean it. The glass surface as part of its cover can really be bothersome sometimes. Slight stain or grease dipping from your pan or your other cooking tools can always be noticeable. If you don’t wipe it soon, it will be accumulated and difficult to handle.

When your stove has been used frequently but you rarely clean it, there will be a moment when the stains on the glass surface and the burnt rings can’t be cleaned by using sprays or grease. You may need to try some helpful methods on how to clean and spark your glass stovetop just like new. You can make the glass as well as the stove rings clean and sparkling again.

There is no definite rule on how to clean your stovetop glass. So, you can choose any methods on how to clean and make it shine. Here are some tips that you can use when you want to sparkle your stovetop. Don’t give up when you feel that your method is not working properly. Keep on trying!

1. Browse Online for the Manufacturer

Before starting to clean your glass stove, it is advised that you check the company which manufactures your product. Go to their online website and learn about the recommendation for your product. The website provides the materials used to make the glass stove. The information can be used to properly clean without causing any serious problem.

2. Prepare Cleaner and Tools

What is difficult to handle is the glass part. It is designed to bear the heavy pans and pots as well as high temperature. If you do improper cleaning on this part, you can make irreparable yet serious damage. Choose appropriate tools as well as cleaner for stovetop.

When you make wrong choices, you can leave permanent discoloration and scratches on it. Some stovetop cleaners can also be very expensive. But, it doesn’t mean that an expensive cleaner can solve the stains and burns on your stovetop. So, be wise choosing the appropriate cleaner. You don’t want to waste lots of money on it, do you?

3. Clean after Using Method

You can always start cleaning your stovetop glass after cooking. This way, you can eliminate the possibility of accumulated stains and burnt chunks on the glass surface. Wait until the stovetop temperature cools down and you can clean it directly. However, hard stains need longer time to dissolve.

You can also tell other family members to clean the stovetop directly after using it. New stains or burns are generally easy to clean just by wiping them off with damped cloth. You probably need to show them on how to clean it properly. Always use a soft cloth to clean your stovetop.

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4. Shine the Glass Stovetop

When cleaning the glass, always use a free-abrasive cloth to avoid any scratches on its surface. Whatever cleaning products you use to clean, always follow the manuals. Some cleaners provide multistep stages when dealing with hard stains or burns.

Most cleaners need a couple minutes to work. They also recommend different methods to wipe off the glass. Some are to wipe with a rubbing motion and some are just to simply wipe the glass. You can test each cleaner to figure out which is the best cleaner for your stovetop. Use small amount of the cleaner over small areas first. Read the manuals carefully.

5. Clean with Baking Soda

 You can also try cleaning and shining your stovetop glass using baking soda. You can make a solution from three to four tablespoons of it and mix with water until you get a consistent paste. You can spread baking soda paste onto the stain or the burn. Then, cover the stovetop with lukewarm rag. Leave it sit for some time. Lastly, wipe the paste away with free-abrasive cloth.

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide can also bring a great chemistry in cleaning and shining your stovetop glass. First, pour some soapy water over your stovetop surface. Pour and spread the hydrogen peroxide. Then, spread the baking soda over the top of the hydrogen peroxide. Mix them together by using a brush and at the same time brush them all over the surface. Put the damped towel or cloth and wipe off the mixture. Tada! It’s clean as new.

6. Try the Conventional Method

If you don’t have the stovetop cleaner with you at the moment, you can try this conventional method. You can clean the accumulated stains or burns with some damp sponge or rag. If the stains are hard to clean, put the damped cloth on it and let it sit for awhile. Then, you can wipe it off easily. Or, you can use little elbow grease on hard stains or burns.

So, have you got any ideas on how to clean your stovetop glass and make it shiny? Then, what are you waiting for? Get up and start working on it. Don’t let the stains and burns sit on your stovetop for any longer. Good luck!

How to Cleaning and Sparkling Glass Stovetop in Minutes simple tips

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