Simple tips how to speed clean home in few minutes

Quick Simple Tips to Speed Clean Home in Few Minutes

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It is very essential to maintain cleanliness and tidiness all over the house as homeowners expect to be peacefully relaxed in their house after spending long working hours a day.

You might be really stressful when you find your house is like a shipwreck after coming home. Your dream of relaxing quietly in your house will be wiped away as you have to spend your other precious time cleaning.

What happens when your things are not organized and spread all over the place? Especially if your kids play with all the things they can reach spreading all over the entire house.

When it happens, always tell them to put them back to where they belong. Remind them over and over again that they have to be responsible on putting everything back after they finish playing with them.


Or, do you sometimes have an unexpected guest visiting your house? One day, when your house is in a mess, your best friend is suddenly calling you and telling you that he or she will visit your house within few minutes.

It’s really frustrating, isn’t it? Don’t worry, whenever this kind of unpredicted situation happens, you can always speed clean your house within less than an hour or maybe just in less than 15 minutes.

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Whether you have a guest visiting your house or you don’t want to spend most of your valuable time cleaning your house, you can always try some amazing tips on how to speed clean your entire house.

What becomes the one and only secret is always try to maintain your things clean and in order. Once you have been able to keep them organized and tidy all the time, you can always speed clean your house within few minutes.

How to speed clean your house within few minutes? Make sure that you always have your cleaning task and simple cleaning routines every day. Try not to skip a day without cleaning.

An easy daily cleaning habit is really your huge timesaver. Moreover, this habit absolutely brings speed cleaning as an effective and easy way to make your entire house clean in an instant.

So, are you ready to speed clean your house? Try these simple tips to save your time organizing your house. Follow the tips from number one and the others will follow within the cleaning process.

Quick Simple Tips to Speed Clean Home in Few Minutes

1. Prepare Your Cleaning Utensils

Collect all your cleaning tools altogether inside a container so that you can find the tool you need in an instant. What you need to prepare are feather dusters, lint roller, microfiber cloths, disinfecting cleaner for bathroom, multi-purpose cleaner, cleaning wipes, and mirror cleaner.

2. Collect All the Clutters

Before starting speed cleaning your house, get rid of all the clutters from all rooms. Bring two kinds of bags while you are walking to each room; one is garbage bag and another is laundry bag.

Dust all the garbage, like used papers, plastic, and all kinds of useless things inside the garbage bag and you can easily throw them out into your garbage disposal.

Put all the relocated items, like toys, books, etc inside the laundry bag. Once you gather them all, you can always ask your kids to organize the relocated items back into their designated locations.

3. Start Cleaning from the Top

Always start cleaning your house from the top down. It is to make the dirt or the dust from higher surfaces falls down to lower surfaces which have not been cleaned yet.

You can clean your ceiling fans first and then you can move to the furniture below it. After all the furniture is being cleaned and wiped, you can clean your floor to get rid of all dust and dirt.

4. Clean the Dust on the Surface Quickly

You can use a feather duster to remove the dust on the surfaces quickly. Don’t forget to shake out your duster repeatedly and move rapidly to clean all the noticeable dust.

5. Wipe the Surface

After dusting all surfaces, you can wipe them by spraying down hard surfaces like counters, cabinets, tables, sinks, etc and then wipe them with microfiber or disinfecting cloth. When you do all the dusting and wiping as parts of your daily cleaning routine, then it will be just a simple and easy task for you.

6. Clean the Bathroom

The most difficult part from cleaning your house is the bathroom. But, if you always clean your bathroom every day, it will be a way less stressful. Relocate several minutes in every bathroom.

First thing to do is pour a cleaning liquid into each bathroom toilet and let it sit for awhile. During the waiting period, you can clean the bathroom sinks, tubs, and mirrors.

Don’t forget to replace old towels with the new ones. After finishing all of these tasks, you can start scrubbing and wiping each toilet with flushable cleaner pad.

7. Clean the Kitchen

Soak your pans and pots needing for washing in the sink with soapy water for awhile. Use your time to clean the countertops and stovetops with multi-surface cleaner.

Replace new dish towels and get rid of the old ones. Then, put your dishes inside the dishwasher. While waiting for this task to be completed, you can start cleaning your living room.

8. Clean the Family Room

First, fluff your cushions and pillows, organize the magazines inside the rack, and remove the hairs from the surface by using lint roller. Refold your blanket and put them back in the closet.

9. Clean the Entryway

Once your rooms clear from clutters, you can start cleaning your entryway. You can shake your entry rug for a few times, then you can use your vacuum to clean all the dusts and hairs stuck on the rug.

10. Clean the Floor

Once you finish cleaning all surfaces in each room, your last task is to clean the floor. You can vacuum every corner and low baseboard in each room.

Yes, you have finished your cleaning. Do you like the look of your house now? Isn’t it great to have a tidy and clean house? After all the hard works that you have done, you can relax yourself and enjoy your clean, fresh and tidy house.

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