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Bluestone Table Care, Cleaning, and other Tips

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Bluestone table is probably one of the most durable tables you can have.

However being made of bluestones, this table has porous surface which requires immediate stain removal and careful care to keep the color and to prevent damage to the table.

If you are still novice in this thing, you are reading the right guide.

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How to Clean the Bluestone Table

There are several ways you can apply in order to clean the table. You can follow the direction below in the same order.

#1 First

To clean debris, dust, and dirt, use a soft and dry cloth and wipe the table surface. Make sure you do it slowly to prevent scratch, and thoroughly so it is perfectly clean later.

This dry step is necessary to do at least once every day to prevent debris and dust from piling up.

#2 Second

To remove fresh stains and spills, you are going to need to use a dampen cloth. Use a clean and soft cloth and damp it into the water. Use the wet cloth to wipe your table surface.

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It is recommended to do this as soon as you get the stains or spills. It prevents them from being absorbed into the stones and leave permanent marks.

#3 Third

For weekly care, you are going to need to use additional help. Mix four drops of mild dishwashing solution with one gallon of clean water. Take a soft and clean cloth and damp it into the mixture.

Wring the excessive moisture and use the cloth to wipe out your table. It is effective to remove staying debris and the odors sticks on your bluestone table.

#4 Fourth

To remove moisture from your table surface, take a soft and clean cloth and damp it in water. Use the cloth to wipe the table then immediately wipe the table with dry and soft clean cloth. This will prevent lingering moisture that can damage the coloring.

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Additional BlueStone Table Care and Tips

In addition to those care steps above, you also need to pay attention on the following factors. It helps in preventing further damage and discoloring on your bluestone table.

  1. Immediately clean stains and spills so it doesn’t leave permanent stains or cause discoloring.
  2. Never use detergent or soaps with harsh formula. Use the mild one if you want to or prefer for a solution specially formulated to maintain bluestone surface.
  3. Never put things with excessive heat on your bluestone table surface. This will damage the smooth surface not to mention change on the color and patterns over time.
  4. Never drag the table. Instead, lift the table from both ends to move it around.
  5. Don’t use too heavy and sharp objects on the bluestone surface. If it is get chipped, keep the pieces and give it to professional for some fixing.

In short, it isn’t very complicated to maintain and care the bluestone table. If you are a new owner, the guide above will help you out. Read carefully and apply as instructed to clean and maintain it without causing additional issues. Good luck.

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Bluestone Table Care, Cleaning, and other Tips

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