How to Protect Wood Table Surface From Hot Materials

How To Protect Wood Table Surface From Hot Materials

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It is nice to have a polished wooden table as your furniture. This view often tempts you to do a lot of things with it.

Some of you might love to prepare the dishes on the table, even putting hot tray pulled out directly from the oven. Do you know that hot materials never goes along with wood?

Below some precautionary steps and how to fix if the bad thing has happened. Just remember and save this.

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The Prevention Steps

Taking care of wooden table is as challenging as the process of having it. Wood has a lot of natural enemies: temperature, moisture, chemical. None of them is less dangerous than the others.

Keep it in the room the whole year and it might be a perfect mold. Set it outdoor and the table will get sun-washed, leaving fading color for you to display.

The good news is you have options to block these bad effects. Do the following steps right after the wood table arrive in your house.

1. Layering Pad

If you are planning to put the table in kitchen area, there is a high possibility you will use it as the preparation area. The next minutes you might put burning cookie tray on it.

Just like how you lay a cutting board for vegetable slashing, put wooden pad on the table. This way, the heat won’t directly damage the outer layer.

2. Heat Coat

Many people think that heat coat is enough to cover the table from hot pan. To tell you the truth, it is not. Heat coat gives protection from UV Rays, keeping the colors bright and shiny. When it comes to burning cooking tools, heat coat will break.

3. Setting

Don’t think that placing heating objects won’t give bad effect to the furniture. Keep radiator in a safe place, far from the wooden table.

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How to fix heat stains on wood table

The Fixation Steps

For those who unconsciously stained the table, you could remove or at least fade the mark on the surface. Overcome your sadness and anger by doing something to bring back the shine.

1. Iron And White T-shirt

Do you notice the white mark on the table after you enjoy hot bowl of soup? This mark won’t fade away with just an overnight sit. Grab an iron and a white T-shirt. Turn on the iron and set the heat to medium.

Cover it using white T-shirt. Rub on the white surface slowly, until the mark is gone. Avoid scrubbing with sand paper as it will make the stain more visible.

2. Hair Dryer

If you happen to notice the heat mark right after the accident, then take immediate action. Grab the hair dryer and soft cloth.

Turn on the drier machine and make circle motions several centimeters above the mark. Gently wipe the mark with a soft cloth.

Nice wooden furniture has several dos and don’ts. You, as the owner, have to learn about these information. One thing for sure: hot things should never touch the wooden surface at any cost.

Otherwise, the heat will burn the surface and leave unappealing mark. Apply heat coat or proper pad on the table before putting the burning pan.

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