Best 18 DIY Dining Table Makeover Ideas

Best 18 DIY Dining Room Table Makeover Ideas

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Dining Room play big roll to alter the atmosphere in the house. Moreover, dining room is the perfect place for gathering family while enjoying delicious meal. Aside from the food served, dining room also play big role in entertaining guest who visit the house.

Simply saying, with all those function and benefit that dining room have, it is important to make your dining room look attractive, bright the mood up, and also bring the appetite of the family or guest.

Many people believe that in order to decorate dining room to be very luxury and classy needs high budget. Even so, there are some simple, easy and cheap way for you to realize DIY Dining Room Table Makeover Ideas.

And also, here is the best choice to DIY dining table makeover ideas that I’ve collected for you. Hope it’s help you.


1. Dining table makeover ideas for small family

Most often, family which had few member which consist of father, mother and two children, prefer to decorate their house in simple. Even so, it is not a sin to try something different to the house, especially in dining room area.

You do not need to throw all your dining equipment and change with the new one. What you need to do is upgrading those what you had into finer look. Therefore, it is called as Easy and Cheap DIY Dining Room Table Makeover Ideas.

Dining room table makeover wood ideas rustic natural impression

Repainting old dining table

First step, you can begin with re-painting your old dining table, in order to change the atmosphere. You can also re-painting your dining room wall with the brighter color, if your previous dining room have dark colored wall.

Then, for your dining table, paint it adjusting to the room color. White dining table is currently very fancy, as make the table looks clean and large. You can also draw something on the table, like by making spoon and fork drawing, or other drawing which will match with dining room concept. Do not forget to apply driftwood finish, after painting the table.

Recover dining seat

Second step, recover your dining seat. Chose the best fabric which you will use for the seat cover. You can use recycle t-shirt or curtain fabric, and then cut it into seat size, then glue and staple in the bottom part of the seat. Let it dry for a day, and then put it back on the chair.

Decorate dining table

Third step, in order to make new atmosphere in your dining room, one of Easy and Cheap DIY Dining Room Table Makeover Ideas, is by decorating items on the dining table. If the previous dining table you hadn’t any vases or decoration on it, then try to put a small fake flower vase on it, or other kind of plants. Enough with placing one with the simple look, and make sure that the decoration will not cover your family and guest’s face, when you have a talk with them.

Oak wood round dining table and chairs makeover ideas

2. Round Wooden Dining Room Table makeover

Wooden dining table with round shape usually have single oak dark color, which make it look classic but also old. If you had this type of dining table, you can follow this simple DIY Dining Room Table Makeover Ideas in order to redecorate the dining table, and make the dining room atmosphere finer and also bring up the appetite.

First, sand the tiny layer on the surface of the table. Do not sand it too hard, as it will make the wooden patter break and become thinner. Then, apply weathered oak stain on the table surface, in order to enhance the natural wooden pattern on it. You can choose the dark stain to make the natural pattern look more stand out.

If the natural color of your table isn’t that dark, you can also adjust the stain to its basic color, as long as it can show off the natural pattern on it. In the way painting it, you need to make tiny layer first and then continue layer by layer until it look glassy. Then leave it for 24 hours until it really dry.

Afterward, then paint the table feet with different color. White color is better to create the clean and bright look on the dining table. White also color which can adjust to any color, without making the table look odd or unbalance. Then, leave it until dry. Afterward, do not forget to apply polycrylic protective finish, to make the paint last longer and look glossy. This DIY Dining Room Table Makeover Ideas can adjust to classic, vintage, and even modern concept of dining room.

After the repainting of dining table settled, then you can decorate your dining table by placing item on it, like vase for example. In choosing on-table decoration, make sure the item is adjusted well with the concept of your dining room. In example, if you want to create unusual concept, you can put small plant pot inside squared glass jars. You can also search some decorations which will fit to your DIY Dining Room Table Makeover Ideas in some online stores.

3. Repainting to stronger color

This is well exemplified by Emmie, at her blog blue 11 interiors. By buying a set of dining tables and chairs used, she had a very beautiful makeover as she wished. This is the look of dining room table and chairs makeover before and after.

DIY dining room table and chairs makeover ideas before and after
Chairs dining room makeover ideas before and after

4. Repaint with combination colors

If you get bored with one color, you can makeover the color of the dining table with two or more coordinated colors. Jennifer  has done well. Inside her site,, she explained that it could be an exemplary option.

One color dining table dark before makeover
DIY white dining room table makeover after

5. Add a stencil layer

Not only stenciled, you can do chalk painted to diy dining table makeover as ideas. Brittany, at the will show you step by step to do that. Than finally, you will see the ending, dining table makeover before and after like this:


Wooden old dining table before makeover


Nice DIY dining table makeover ideas after using stencil layer

6. White base and stain top

Making the top of the dining table look artistic and old, it was charming. Stain the top of table, the lightly whitewash to get more beautifully aged look. White base and old top. This will show you step by step to do this.

DIY dining table and chairs makeover ideas aged look

7. Create look like zinc covered top table

This makeover ideas DIY for dining room table. Michelle in her blog, thatmommyblog, will tell you for the way, step by step. I think it’s incredible. That’s not really zinc, but the paint formula make it happen.

Dining table makeover before and after painting look like zinc covered top

8. Cover top table with real zinc

And now, it’s using real zinc. You also can using others material as cover table, like stainless steel, copper, or others sheet metal. You must be careful to do it. Angela at has shown you how. Than, it is the result to give you some big ideas to doing yours.

DIY dining table makeover ideas using zink cover top

9. Repaint from black or dark to brighter

The color black or dark is nice, it’s just sometimes look less fun. So you can make a makeover. You can choose a lighter color. The project on this site, Everyday Lovely, seems an interesting example. See the result below.

Round dining table makeover repainting ideas black to blue

10. Weathered look dining table makeover ideas

You can re-stain the table, all of part and strip it. The clear step by steps have been shown in this site, simpledetailsblog. Finally, I show you the point for get ideas for you to do makeover.


Round dining table before makeover


Round dining table after makeover with Weathered look

11. Replace the dining table top with glass

In addition to using glass, you can also using nailhead trim, etc. This way DIY dining table makeover ideas to make unique design of room. It’s also suitable for small family. Bethany at her site,, will show you how. This is very interesting.

DIY dining table makeover ideas before using glass top


DIY dining table makeover ideas after using glass top

12. Replace wooden top with concrete

Especially if you have wooden damaged or outdated top dining table top. How to do it? Kara on her site,, shows you well.

Replace wood with concrete for dining table makeover ideas before and after

13. Repainted, white

Buying used furniture, often get the color that has faded. Sometimes, the color is not as you wish. Dark colors are not fun for some people. In this case, white can be an option. This is a simple way to makeover your dining table. Hemmm… and cheap also. will show you some result and reason why you can choose this way. The simple step also you can do.

Repainting with white for DIY dining table makeover ideas before and after

14. Get back rustic design

The rustic look is reminiscent of the past. You can use this as an idea for your table makeover.

Rustic dining table makeover ideas before after

15. Farmhouse dining table and chairs makeover ideas

It accentuates the wood so it gives a natural impression. Not because previously not good, but a makeover to show a stronger impression. Thanks for TARYN WHITEAKER, you show us well.

Farmhouse dining table and chairs makeover ideas before and after

16. Creative painting art

It is good example as makeover ideas. Creative painting eliminates the boring impression on your dining table appearance. Thanks for this ideas.

Creative paint diy dining table makeover ideas before
Creative paint diy dining table makeover ideas after

17. Different color of chairs

Family with lots of funny little kids is fun. The look of the dining room will be very emotional. Giving different colors to the dining room chairs is a great idea. How do you do it? mcdonaldfam very well shows you.

Colorfull chairs for dining room makeover ideas

18. Simple, Change your chairs

Sometimes, a chair that does not fit the dining table makes the display less good. This idea I got from Brandi at Simple things that are very easy to do for makeover dining room.

Simple dining table makeover with change the chairs before and after

But, if you totally get your own design like you want, you can do this… Make your own dining table.

Make your own Dining Table

The best way to realize DIY Dining Room Table Makeover Ideas is by making dining table by yourself. You can get help from your father, husband, or men in the family, to cut the wood in size.

First thing is, make the concept of your dining table. If you want dining table for vintage and classic dining room, then make wooden cut which had ornament curvature on the backrest of chair, and on the table and chair feet.

Make your simple dining table and chairs

If you want to have simple concept, then you can cut the table surface and the feet in regular cut to fit the concept. Measure the size of the table surface, and the similar feet size, and do not forget to sand the outer wooden layer.

In this DIY Dining Room Table Makeover Ideas, you can use different material for table surface and for the feet. In example, for table surface using oak wood, which had natural dark patter and color. While for the feet, you can use other wooden material which can be painted in any color. Then, paint the surface of the table and the feet with different color.

Apply oak stain on the table surface, in order to make the natural table pattern stand out. Then, leave it dry and continue with painting protective finish on it, to make the table last longer. Your own table creation is now ready to place in the dining room. Place some decoration on it like vases, to make the dining table look more attractive.

In decorating dining room, besides doing makeover for the dining table, you can also redecorate in other way. It is like repainting dining room wall, to create new atmosphere there, or installing chandelier above the dining table to show off the classic concept. After redecorating your dining room, do not forget to keep the cleanliness of it, in order to make the room looks more attractive, and all the decoration last for long time.

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