Bathroom Tile Ideas for Tub Surround

Bathroom Tile Ideas for Tub Surround

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Considering your tiles setting for your tub surround will be important for the whole bathroom look. Sometimes, wrong selection and setting really ruin the entire look in an instant.

Meanwhile, choosing the right tile setting for the area isn’t hard either.

Check out the following ideas for easy yet sophisticated setting to improve your tub area atmosphere.

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1. Natural Stone Tiles Covering

If your bathroom has bright floors and walls, covering the tub surround with natural stone tiles will make the entire room elegant.

Choose earth tones for the tiles and cover the tub wall and the wall behind it up to the ceiling. Cover the sides of the tub with the same tiles if you have it.

2. Wooden Looking Tiles for Limestone Floor

Limestone floor works magically with wooden looking tiles. To make real sophisticated touch on the tub surround, cover the entire tub area wall with the tiles but leave the tub and its wall covered with the limestone floors. Posh!

3. Marble Looking Tiles for Spa Look

Your drop-in tub will look even more inviting when you use marble looking tiles for the surrounding area. Cover the wall up to the ceiling and don’t forget the tub outside wall. Add some candles on the sides and you won’t want to leave the tub.

4. Mosaic Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are very popular today as it offers glamour touch and interesting accent. For bolder accent, cover your tub surround with glass tiles.

Choose contrasting color to your bathroom wall and floor. It doesn’t only improve your tub surround look. It also adds value and sophistication in the entire room.

Bathroom Mosaic Glass Tiles Ideas for Tub Surround

5. Contrasting Tiles with Consistent Grout

Many designers suggest you to add surprising touch by using contrasting colored tiles on your tub surround. It makes the area pops up, and your tub looks more inviting. You can use small tiles for the area. For consistency, use the entire bathroom color for the tiles grout.

6. Same Tiles Different Pattern

If you like to use as minimal color variation as possible, you should consider using the same tiles for the tub surrounding as you use for the floor.

This time, set it up on different pattern. If you use herringbone pattern for the floor, use simple horizontal setting for the tub surround, or vice versa.

7. Pebble Tiles for Cheerful Touch

Peeble tiles are often forgotten while it actually gives amazing accent on a plain bathroom. In a bathroom with light and earthly finish, pebble tiles covering the tub surround will pop up the area nicely. It changes the area into a focal point in an instant. Simply cover the tub outside wall and not more.

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Basically, you can change your tub surrounding area into a focal point using new tiles. With careful selection, it allows you to create a new sanctuary with very inviting tub as well. The ideas above are simple to do and it is easy to get the tiles. Try one and see how it makes your bathroom a totally different space.

Bathroom Pebble Tiles Ideas for Tub Surround

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