How To Get Rid Termites On Wood Floors

How To Get Rid Termites On Wood Floors

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Among all the furniture in your house, some of your favorite items might be made from woods. But then, you can’t forget that wood has its forever enemy; termites.

Once your dearly belonging has termites in it, you can start the countdown of decay for a month. Without any proper treatment, the tickling time might go faster than expected.

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Spot the Infestation

Just like any war, your enemy gives some signs before the battle begins. It is up to you whether to ignore or answer the call.

In this case, however, you should answer even from the first siren. Inspect the wooden area in your house. Don’t forget to bring flashlight with you.

1. Scattered wings

Termites have wings, and they occasionally discard their wings and change into the new one. The size is as big as an ants.

So if you spot these tiny wings while mopping the floor, you can be sure that there are termites in your house.

2. Hollow Wood

Using your fingers, tap the wood surface. The sound of solid and hollow wood is totally different. Once you hear light sound, hold your flashlight and observe the surface. A wood infested with termites has a lot of holes.

3. Mud Tube

This is one clear sign from termites to tell you about their existence. The tube is actually their excretion, found around the area of decaying wood. Some even stick to the wood where the termites live.

Get Rid Of The Pest

Now that you have evidence of termites manifestation, there is no excuse to delay the treatment action. There are several ways to get rid of the destroying termites. Pick one fit to your budget and condition.

1. Cardboard Trap

You can’t say that this method will take the termites out of your house, but it does help to remove hundreds of pests at once.

To set the trap, you are going to need several flat, thin cardboard. Wet them and stack them on the area where you spot the termite nest.

This setting is an irresistible trap for the tiny destroyer, since they feed on cellulose in cardboard.

Within days, the cardboard will be the termites second home. Carefully take it out and burn it down.

2. Beneficial Nematodes

Some termites could life in both soil and wood. Thus, it would be hard for you to reach the spot. In this case, you could shove in the beneficial nematodes.

It is the natural enemy of termites, as it would be a dangerous parasite, leading to death within 48 hours.

You can purchase it at local garden supply. When putting them to the nest, make sure you do it at night or dawn.

UV filter will kill your potential wood saver. If you plan to use them later, don’t forget to seal it inside the refrigerator.

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Online information gives you plenty of numbers to call when you have problems with termites. These professionals, however, are focusing their service to moderate to severe termites attack.

Therefore, initial observation is important. If you can do the prevention steps, why should you spend money and take a risk to expose your future investment?


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