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Simple Tips to Choose Best Sofa for Small Spaces

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Homes are getting smaller and smaller as the year goes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fit a sofa in it. Thinking about sofa, most people consider it as space eaters.

Don’t join the thought – designers and technology had advanced since classic eras.

Here are pointers to choose your dream sofa based on your house needs.

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1. Portable and Easy to Store

If your house seems to feel perfect in every nook and cranny and you don’t want to ruin it, sofa options are still available. Ottomans are easy to set and put aside – and they totally wouldn’t eat space.

In case storing ottomans is a difficult task in your house, there are several foldable sofa designs you can pick.

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There are sofas made from suitcases, and by picking the right store you can have them foldable. Suitcase sofas will be easier to store in shelves or simply put aside.

Don’t worry about comfort – these small couches are capable to give you small fluffy havens.

Compact and portable sofa for living room small spaces

2. Convertible Multitaskers

Do you want a full sized sofa without getting rid of any furniture? That can be done. Nowadays there are convertible sofa designs that can turn into queen sized beds, bunk beds, single sofa, or even a U chair for big gatherings. And because they can convert into multiple shapes, they can help you in multiple occasions as well.

If you need a quick guest room, they can turn to an extra bed. For parties, you can convert your sofa instead of bringing chairs.

If you’re living in a micro apartment, ditching the bed for this convertible sofa will totally save space and cutting price for buying two furniture at once. These sofas are versatile and will serve you good.

Compact sofa bed space saving

3. Storage Frenzy

Okay, let’s say you have enough room for a full sized sofa and don’t have to get rid of any furniture. However, living in small spaces, investing a sofa will soon lead to crammed space of new stuff coming in the future.

Don’t be afraid. Nowadays, there are sofa designs that have storage underneath the paddings.

They work similarly to ship seats – just pull the seat plank and you will get storage underneath. This storage will definitely prove itself useful to you.

You can stuff anything you wanted, from underwear to dry food such as rice or flour. Like this, you have extra storage and will totally avoid cramming every of your belongings in your compact house. And since they’re full sized sofas, your comfort is guaranteed.

Sofa storage ideas small spaces

4. Minimalist Design for Bigger Room

Of course, minimalist sofa design will not magically expand your room. However, it can induce an illusion to widen your space. Pick out a sofa with simple design and colour blending with your walls or tiles.

This way, your sofa will blend with the environment and trick eyes regarding the space it took.

Minimalist sofa living room design small space

See? Getting sofa isn’t impossible even for small spaces! Never again think with myths and embrace its casual comfort. Just follow your needs and pick based on our suggestion above. Surely, you will get your dream sofa. In addition, hopefully, a comfortable haven with it.

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