Simple Living Room Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

Simple Living Room Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

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In most living room, especially small ones, coffee table is one of the centerpiece.

However, people tend to leave it plain. It’s such a waste since guests tend to spot them first. Don’t leave their expectations down.

Here’s a few tricks that can spice up your coffee table like never before.

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1. Bold and Minimalistic

For those who like this kind of style and have been dedicating their house on it, there are still ways to chic your coffee table without ruining your style.

Being minimalist doesn’t mean your house should be plain. Try to take guests’ attention with bold centrepiece.

For example, putting a glass bottle or vase with contrasting colour to its surrounding will catch people’s eyes. Putting hobby stuff will work too.

If you want to show your uniqueness, things like hourglass and lava lamp may be a good choice. As long it’s contrasting your coffee table, they work!.

Bold and minimalist living room coffee table decor

2. Book Lovers

Are you an avid reader? Showing off some of your collection on coffee table can spice it up as well. Don’t worry about looking messy. Just take a few of your books and arrange them on your table.

To avoid the messy look, don’t put too much book on it. For magazines, put just around five of them will do. If you’re collecting thick books, try not to put up more than three.

A simple stack on the side or making small stairs out of them will do the trick. Just don’t scatter them too much and coordinate the colours. This time, the book doesn’t have to be in contrast with the table.

However, picking popping colours are nice touch. If you had collections varying in size, arranging various size of books will help the look as well.

Coffee table living room decoration for book lovers

3. Zen

If you like art or gardening, expressing them on your coffee table is totally okay as well. Putting flowers may feel old school.

However, with the right choice of vase, they can show off any style you want. This also works on artsy things such as miniature or statues. Do you like both? Putting miniature garden or a bonsai plant will do the trick.

Do you follow a few styles? Don’t worry, being green is versatile. Arranging things along with flowers will give your coffee table a unique impression guests will like to remember.

Plant for coffee table living room decoration

4. Warm and Comfy

Do you prefer to show hospitality instead? This style may be the one for you. If you’re picking centrepiece, pick one with warm colours and familiar designs. Adding table cloth will help too.

Warm colours and sense of familiarity will surely bring home to your guests’ hearts. If you have candles (or candle lights) around, arranging them on your coffee table is totally a big bonus. Give off those warm charms, they will love it.

Coffee table living room with candle

With these simple tricks, your coffee table is guaranteed to sparkle without wasting too much pennies. It will bring sparkles to your guests’ eyes as well. They’re cheap, easy, and most supplies are around your own house. Never let down expectations ever again. Make over your coffee table and show them your style.

4 Simple Living Room Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

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