How to Make Home Mosquito Free

How to Make Home Mosquito Free

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Mosquito is somehow a continuing issue on every home. They are simply annoying while they keep coming back again.

This actually can lead to more serious problems when specific species of mosquitoes get inside your house.

Some types of mosquitoes can spread certain diseases. Mosquito bites can also cause irritation. The most uncomfortable is the onset of itching after being bittern by this insect.

So, what to do? Check out the following ideas to get rid of them.

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How to make mosquito bites go away

1. Use Yellow LED Bulbs for the Outdoor

Yellow light isn’t something the mosquitoes like very much. They tend to go away from yellow and warm light so this is a chance to use it to keep them away.

Especially near to windows and doors, use yellow LED light bulbs for your outdoor lighting. It makes sure the mosquitoes stay away from the area in hope they don’t get in the house.

Yellow light outside to get mosquitos away

2. Trim Your Shrubs, Mow Your Lawn

Tall and messy shrubs are perfect place to hide, not only for burglars, but also mosquitoes. It protects them from over heat or any other harmful things for them.

Trim your shrubs to reduce the amount of mosquitoes hiding on it. Mow your lawn so the grass isn’t tall enough for them to hide or build a small nest.

Shrubs trimming to get rid mosquito

3. Insect-proof Your Home

Today, insect proofing the house is highly possible. Mostly, people will make sure all the cracks on the windows are fixed, and they cover the holes on the door. It makes sure the mosquitoes don’t get enough space to enter the house.

For the gaps especially under the door, you can use weather stripping for sealing the door. It doesn’t guarantee there will be no more mosquitoes but it helps a lot.

4. Use Bug Repellent Sunscreen

This sunscreen is actually very multi purposes. You don’t need one that is overpriced and is made of chemical things. Instead, you should buy the regular one.

This sunscreen contains natural ingredients that won’t compromise your health. In addition to keeping the bugs and mosquitoes away, it also helps in filtering the UV rays from getting into your house.

5. Plant Anti-Mosquito Trees

While many shrubs will lead more mosquitoes breeding, several trees are actually keeping them away too. Trees that should help you in keeping away the mosquitoes include citronella grass, neem, lemon trees, marigold, mint, and tulsi shrubs.

Lavender tree is highly effective as well as mosquitoes hate the smell. Meanwhile, rosemary is agreeable. The smell of cooked rosemary keeps the mosquitoes away.

Citronella grass to make mosquito away

6. Burn Citronella Candles

Citronella has been widely known to be helpful in keeping away the mosquitoes. You can buy these candles on the store but you can make it yourself as well.

Burn the candles when the mosquitoes invade the worst. They hate the smell so they won’t get near you. Burn on several rooms especially the bedrooms before bedtime. It makes you sleep better too.

Burn Citronella Candles to get rid mosquito

So, there are more than enough options for you to try to keep away the mosquitoes. If you live in an area with worst infestation of mosquitoes, consider using spray and screen for your outdoor. Mosquitoes trapping system is worth the try as well, but natural solutions should be prioritized.


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