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Home Pest Control DIY

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Inside the house, there are a lot of things you have to take care of. Pest, in this case, is one of the problems you have to eliminate.

They are so agile to find the tiniest spot in the corner of your building.

Surprisingly, the tiny hole could turn into a big one, huge enough for them to slip in.

1. Understanding The Domino Effects

Before you prepare the weapons to combat the pests, the first thing to do is ensuring that you know what you are going to do.

Why should you care about this matter? The main reason is because you put the family’s health and safety as the top priority.

Letting one pest go inside the house, and you will have bigger risk than you imagine.

Take mice as an example. It is the most common pests found in the house. The four-legged mammal itself could bring many diseases through its feces and urine.

Your simple ignorance to it might invite bats and snake, as they are the natural predator of mice.

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2. Mastering Your House Plan

How do you get the house? If you build it on an empty land, then you must have the master plan. Check all the joints and damp area around the house.

They are the first entrance for the pests. The woods planted in damped area will decay faster and pests could easily chew the wet wood.

If you purchase the house, this first step would be observing every corner and possible plumbing area. Don’t forget to reach the chimney and attic space.

Mark the space that needs immediate repair or wood replacement. When the building structure is still strong, you could simply lay extra cover to the specific area.

DIY Home Pest Control

3. Sealing Holes

If you want to limit the area of pests, you have to block the entrance. Begin the sealing stage with the ventilation and holes. For this purpose, you can use mosquito net.

Thus, you have enough blocking for the pests but still letting the air to go through. Otherwise, you just create another damp space.

The next part to secure is the wet places. If you don’t have enough budget to repair this area, you still have another way to solve the problem.

Put a humidifier in the corner of the room to absorb the excessive water floating in the air.

4. Keeping Things Clean

Do you know how many pests rent the abandoned space in your house? What about the things stepped on by them?

Even though mice brings the biggest health risks for your body, you can trace the sign through the acidic urine. Once you smell the stinky air, find the source immediately.

You can also put extra protection by doing your laundry every day instead of piling the dirty clothes. The longer you let it sit on the floor, the more temptation you provide for the pests.

So don’t be surprised to find some wriggling pests make a nest from your clothes.

Believe it or not, you are not living alone in the house. There are several pests running on your attics, or gnawing on your cable under the floor.

Covering your entry with fine nets and frequently checking for pests holes are some steps to limit the trespassing possibility. Also, you have to wash all the laundries more often!


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