Screened In Porch Design Ideas

Screened In Porch Design Ideas

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One of the trick that has always been applied by the professional designers to create bigger space illusion is by installing screened in porch.

It pulls in the outdoor to indoor set, allowing you to enjoy the nature beauty in your backyard. Plus, the screened in porch could prevent bugs or dust to fly in.

Besides from being practical, you might need to think about being stylish as well.

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Best Screened in porch design ideas

1. Natural Screened Porch

It has rustic touch and not standing out as the focal point. If you have beautiful backyard or even woods, this would be the perfect choice.

Complete the look with white or nature colored chairs with contemporary style. Remember that it should be durable and do well in changing weather.

2. Half Screen

The problem with full screen installation is your pet and children. They may scratch or rub the glass surface, leaving the cleaning work to you.

Solve this problem by installing half screen, which also help to prevent the damage caused by water. A dim lighting in the room would make a pretty big picture.

3. Classic Wall Street

The porch is painted white, with each pillar separates the screen from one another. Add accent on the pillar with line trimming.

For the last touch, you could add sconce lamp on each pillar: put it slightly higher than the screen glass. It would be great to have yellowish light.


4. Clean Ranch

If you have high deck and decorative low hand rail, let the screened in porch frame this beautiful view. Paint the porch white, to get the clean feeling.

Contrast it with a brick pattern from the built in fire place. It is important to let one wall side to be covered with bricks.

Complete the set with low ceiling, which joists painted to the same tone as the porch.

Provide some entertainment with a wall mounted TV and comfortable sofa. Your guests might refuse to leave the house when you bring them to this room.

5. Baluster Porch

This is another option for the house with high deck. You could pick the baluster porch: one third of the lower screen is opened, lined boldly by the aluminum baluster.

To cover the open area, you could put a set of sofa. Add a touch of luxury with standing, desk and sconces lamp.

Baluster Porch

In this setting, simply changing the cushion cover will create a different theme.

For example if you choose floral and soft colored cushion cover, the whole room will get vintage vibe. Then when you put on brownish or dark tone, the room will get contemporary style.

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6. Standstone Aluminum Frame

You will like this idea if you love country side life. The screened in porch is divided into two third and one third part, both put up glass screen.

For the pillar, it should be bright red brick color with white lines. On the ceiling, you could install old fan with round hanging lamp.

Pulling out the walls and replacing it with screened in porch would be a great option. It transforms stuffy room into more enjoyable corner, by allowing nature elements to peek inside.

Plan it in your next remodeling project and get your inspiration from the ideas above. Happy decorating!.

Screened in porch designs with fireplace

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