Home Secure Ideas You Must Try

Home Secure Ideas You Must Try

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The FBI reported that there were 1,248,185 cases of property crime happened in US in 2016. For burglaries, the number is dropped 4.6%, thanks to the improved home securities people make.

If you want to make your home more secure, you should consider adopting several ideas.

The following ideas are simple enough and worth to try. If you have other ideas, love to hear it. Please leave it in comment box.

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1. Home Automation Tricks

Install smart curtains and small light bulbs, especially on spots facing the streets, and put them on some random schedule when you are away. It gives the impression like someone is actually at home at the moment.

This will keep the burglars away. This smart trick is possible to do through your cellphone if you get the right system that includes an app.

You can also DIY your automation system, which is possible today. The control is still possible to do through a general app you can download for this purpose.

2. Decal Decoy

Burglars normally choose a house that seems to be easy to penetrate with minimal risks. Considering this mindset, it will be helpful to attach some decal decoy in front of your house, or somewhere people can easily see and read.

The most effective decal is one saying you have a guard dog in the house. It keeps even annoying neighbor away from your front yard.

You can also use home security sticker decoy, as if your house is well protected and secured. It makes it looks like it is tough to break in.

3. Regular Trim for the Shrubs

Shrubs are pleasant to see and it improves the house look. However, it is a perfect hiding place for burglars as well. Instead of keeping it high and wild, you should consider giving it a trim every once in a while.

It makes sure the shrub isn’t tall or thick enough for a burglar to hide or spying on your house.

In addition to it, it makes it clearer for your nearby neighbor to see if someone is actually trying to get into your house.

Eliminate any other hiding places, and consider how you plant your trees and everything else for this purpose.

4. Secure the Doors and Windows

This is like the most important thing to do first. Many burglars often pay attention on your habit for several days first.

They often don’t have to break in because you always leave a door opened. They will get in from that door.

Instead of leaving the door unlocked, you should consider installing smart lock so the door will be secured once you are inside. Pay attention on the setting in case you have toddlers inside.

Window stops are also helpful. It allows the window to open without letting any burglar to slip in. 6 inches is the recommended size.

When you decide to add those home secure ideas, it is essential for you to hold a household meeting. Discuss and inform this new upgrade to the family members so they don’t get into trouble with it. Even if you live in a safe neighbourhood, your home security is compromised. So, add some more security upgrades.


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