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Kitchen Cabinets Door Locks for Safety

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Since you use your kitchen cabinet to save and keep all kitchen equipment, you need to make sure about its safety.

Not being worried if the things will be stolen, it is more about to keep your underage children from reaching it. That is why you are going to need to apply cabinet door lockers.

Here some suggestions you may want to consider.

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1. Chrome Drawer and Cabinet Keyed Cam Lock

This kind of lock is used on wood or metal cabinet doors for security. With one lock, one spur washer, one trim collar, two rotations washers, two cams, two keys and one lock nut, chrome drawer and cabinet keyed cam lock can be installed to ½ inch up to an inch.

2. Brass Drawer and Cabinet Keyed Cam Lock

Constructed and designed with steel cams and housing, this door lock will guarantee the safety of your kitchen cabinet. Brass drawer and cabinet keyed lock can be installed to a wood or metal door and drawer with 13/16 inch thick.

Finished with brass, this door locker includes two keys, two cams, one lock, one lock nut, one rotation washer, one spur washer and one trim collar.

3. Classic Bronze Cabinet and Drawer Lock

Made of die-cast and steel components, this door lock is finished with classic bronze. With a 1 – 3/8 inch length which will accommodate to an inch thick panel, this door locker features a ¾ inch outside cylinder diameter.

Classic bronze cabinet door and drawer lock can be installed to wood and metal doors or panels of drawers. It includes a trim collar, two keys and fasteners, two reversible rotation washers and three cams.

4. Mortise Cabinet and Drawer Lock

Come with brass plated finish, mortise cabinet and drawer lock will fit until to 7/8 inch thick panel. It also includes mortise keeper and installation to make sure that your kitchen cabinet will be safe.

5. Spring Loaded Cabinet and Drawer Lock Mortise

This kind of cabinet and drawer door spring latch features a beveled bolt which will work for slam to lock function. Spring loaded drawer and the cabinet lock mortise is easy to be installed with its mortise installation design on it. It also includes fasteners and a keeper that can be installed quickly.

6. Compartment and Brass Drawer Lock

This is a die-cast lock construction that will fit with a 7/8 inch mortise and also 5/16 inch bolt throw. Compartment and brass drawer lock come with brass plated finish.

7. Polished Brass Keyed Cabinet Bolt

Polished brass keyed cabinet bolt has 3 bolt retainers that will offer you flexibility in mounting this kind of cabinet lock. It will work for both swinging and out swinging doors. This lock comes with brass plated die-cast and polished brass finish.

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All parts of your house need to be secured, including your kitchen and especially your cabinet and drawer. Using lock will protect your children from reaching any kitchen equipment that can be dangerous for them.

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