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What Type of Cabinets Door Knobs Do You Prefer?

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For the sake of a good-looking kitchen, there are many people who are willing to focus on every detail of their kitchen.

One of the small details that you cannot skip in maintaining your kitchen is the doorknobs of your kitchen cabinet.

From so many types of knob that already existed, here are some lists that you may apply to your kitchen cabinet.

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1. Steel Knobs and Bin Pulls

This kind of knob is well-known for its cleanliness and simplicity. You will see so many of them are paired with unadorned and simple cabinet hardware.

Do not worry about your kitchen style because this type of door knob is so versatile. It will match either with modern or vintage kitchen style.

This steel knob and bin pulls is often seen being finished with a vintage kitchen style. Normally, knobs are applied on doors and bin pulls are applied on drawers.

Steel knobs and bin pulls will work well with inset cabinetry with industrial lighting style, stainless steel, and exposed hinges, honed and white marble black countertops.

Red door knobs for kitchen cabinets

2. Vintage Glass or Ceramic Knobs

It will be nice to make some contrast look with the cabinet hardware by using a white glass knob. A vintage style glass sometimes is used as another classic choice for cabinet.

Although pulls are friendlier for users in everyday use, it may become a great vintage touch if you put knobs on drawers.

Usually this kind of knob is available with or without a face screw. It also has any variant colors; opaque, transparent and clear as well.

Vintage glass or ceramic knobs will be suitable with stained wood cabinet, scullery or butler’s pantry cabinet, glass font hutch cabinet, subway tile, until white and black kitchen.

Glass kitchen cabinet door knobs

3. Turbular Bar Pulls

If you have a traditional kitchen style with shaker cabinet, use stainless steel or nickel turbular bar pulls to give a modern touch to your kitchen.

Turbular bar pulls work equally well on shaker door style, it is even often seen on flat panel or slab doors. This type of hardware can be shaped as short and classic or long and dramatic.

It is also usually referred as barrel pulls and also offered by most of Hardware Company. Turbural bar pulls have any variants of size and finish which will make them a recommended choice if you need to add a modern touch to your kitchen cabinet.

This kind of hardware will be matched with rectangular and oversize tiles, skinny and long mosaic tiles, espresso or ebony cabinet and also modern pendant lighting.

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Choosing right and proper kitchen cabinet door knobs will not only make your interior look good, but also help you with your daily activities in your kitchen. With many variantions explained above, you can choose which type of knobs that will really suit with your kitchen cabinet. Make sure that the type of knobs you will choose can work well with the kitchen cabinet.

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