How to choose Kitchen Cabinet Doors Hinges Types

Kitchen Cabinet Doors Hinges Types

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Sometimes, the unseen things can be so important. So do hinges. They are rarely seen, but they actually have crucial roles in keeping the balance of your cabinet doors.

Proper and good hinges can ensure your kitchen cabinet door to live longer. There are so many types of hinges that we can use.

Here are some hinges types that you can apply to your kitchen cabinet doors.

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1. Blum, Grass and European Hinges

In Europe, these hinges are considered as the most used cabinet hinges. Their modern forms usually give a complete concealed installation.

This kind of hinges can be installed on either frameless or face frame cabinet, overlay cabinet doors, inset cabinet doors and partial inset cabinet doors.

2. Semi Concealed Cabinet Hinges

This type of hinge can be used for face frame cabinets only. Half hinges are mounted on the back of the door while the other hinges are visible on the face frame.

This hinge is available in nine choices of colors, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your cabinet doors.

3. Surface Installed Cabinet Hinges

This hinge is designed for cabinet with a frame and surface installed hinges. Surface mounted cabinet hinges will also work with any installation which has flushed frame and door each other.

The entire hinge will be visible from the front side. There will be a concealed type for the surface mounted hinge as well. That is why it is also considered as semi concealed hinge sometimes.

4. Demountable Hinges

This kind of hinge will attach with flat insert that fits into a slot cut either for the cabinet or the door. It is also available in two types which are single demountable and double demountable. Demountable hinges are available in overlay and partial inset style.

5. Youngdale Hinges

Made in America, this hinge will support overlay doors and 3/8 inch partial inset doors. The hinge is completely concealed whenever the door is closed.

Youngdale hinges are an excellent alternative if you cannot get the Europe ones and they are easier to be installed. They also work for both frameless and face frame cabinets.

6. Pivot Hinges for Cabinets

What makes them different from other hinges is these hinges pivot around at a point, not along at a longer hinge pin.

Pivot hinges support overlay doors, inset doors and also partial inset doors. You can install some of them as concealed hinges too.

7. Ball Tipped Butt Hinges

These hinges are full of mortise butt which designed for cabinet and also feature as decorative ball tips. Ball tipped butt hinges is available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes. This kind of hinges will support both face frame and frameless cabinets.

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Choosing the proper hinges for your kitchen cabinet will need some consideration. Therefore, you need to be sure about the type of cabinet you already installed. Once you pick the correct hinges, it will last longer with your kitchen cabinet doors.

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