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8 Steps How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets without Sanding

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The older the age of your kitchen is, the more scratches and corrosion you will find.

There are so many things you can do to make your kitchen bright again. One of them is by painting it. Usually we need to do the sanding before start painting. It will surely spend much time.

Therefore, here are some tips to paint the kitchen without sanding.

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1. Removing All Hardware

You are going need to remove all hardware in your kitchen to make your job easier. Put them in some place near your kitchen, so you can easily reach them whenever you need during the process.

2. Removing Doors and Drawers

If you want to paint your entire kitchen, you need to remove your doors and drawers. They will be painted separately outside the kitchen.

You also have to empty the drawers to keep everything inside it clean, but everything can stay inside the cabinets since the glass will protect them from the paint droplets.

3. Paint Your Hinges

Again, if you want to paint the entire kitchen, you need to go until the hinges. You can spray paint the hinges rather than buying new ones. It will save your money. You can also choose the color you want if you spray paint them by yourself.

4. Patching Any Holes

It is better for you to patch all holes that you think you are not going to use anymore using spackle appropriately.

5. Wiping Down

Before you start painting, wipe down all drawers, doors and cabinet first to remove any grime and dirt. It is recommended that you use Lysol wipes to make it more effective.

After that, wipe again all the drawers, doors and cabinets liquid glosser. Do not scrub the old finish on your cabinets because it will not look any different after the wiping.

6. Do the Painting

If you finish with the wiping, it is time to do the painting. When you already decided the product of the paint, prepare the equipment. Use a paint brush to paint any detail and small parts.

Then for larger surfaces, it will be more effective if you use a dense foam roller. Make sure that you do not miss every single part of your kitchen.

7. Applying the Coat

If you think that your painting is dry enough after some time, it is time to add a high performance coat to all surfaces of your doors, drawers and cabinets. It will make them look brighter. Then after putting the coats, replace your drawers and re-hang your doors once everything is dry.

8. Attach the Hardware

Finally the last step is attaching your hardware that you remove at the first step. Put them back in the position and do the last cleaning in your kitchen.

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Actually, sanding process in painting should not be avoided, but some people just like to paint their kitchen without sanding. Those are the steps that you can try to apply to your kitchen. It will not need any sanding, so you can save your time for another activity.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets without Sanding

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