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How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Chalk Paint to Look Antique

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There are so many ways that people can use to paint their kitchen cabinets. One of the ways is by using chalk paint.

You can also make your kitchen cabinets to look antique using this paint.

The problem is not all of us know how to paint kitchen cabinets using chalk paint.

Here are some steps that you may try to make your kitchen cabinets look antique.

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1. Wipe Your Cabinets

The very first thing you need to do is wipe all of the cabinets using a cleaner. You can choose any product that you want. This first step is needed to be done to remove any stain from your cabinets.

Make sure that your cabinets are also clean from oils and grease before you start the painting. It is suggested that you do this step while the cabinets are still hanging.

2. Remove All Hardware

Not only hardware, you also need to take all of the doors and drawers in your kitchen. Keep the hardware in the reachable place to help you find it when you will put it back again.

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3. Add Enough Coats

Flip the brush a few times to clean it from bristles. You can try to mix pure white color and old white color of paint as long as you shake them well before you open the can.

The first coat may look strange but keep it that way because the mixing takes time to work. You will find it works on the second or third coat. Wait until each coat was dry before you put another coat.

Make sure that you put enough coat to make sure that it really works to your kitchen. Save your energy by working effectively.

Get antique impression with Kitchen cabinet chalk paint white color ideas

4. Put It Back Together

After the surface is painted, it is time to put all things back before you wax all of the drawers, doors and cabinets. You can choose any product of waxing. It is suggested that you apply the wax in small sections, for example 2 x 2 ft. sections.

Purchase the wax brush to make the process easier and more effective. Dip the tip of the brush only into clear wax and do it in circular motions to get all of the crannies and nooks of your piece.

Take a rymplecloth and use it to wipe the excess wax off. Your drawers, doors and cabinets should not be coated by wax. We use wax as a sealer only. More than sealing your cabinets, it also gives a wonderful matte appearance.

5. Polish the Wax

This can be the step that needs the longest process. You will need to put wax and polish it for many times until you think that your kitchen looks antique enough.

One thing you should note is an antique look does not always need a long process, so it depends on how satisfy you are about the look of your kitchen.

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Having an antique look kitchen can be done in so many ways. Those are the steps that you may try if you would like to have an antique look kitchen using chalk painting.

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