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The Benefits of Using KitchenAid Mixer Glass Bowl

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As one of kitchen equipments, kitchen aid mixer has some crucial parts in preparing your meal or food.

The problem is when you need to decide whether you are going to use glass or stainless mixer bowl.

Here are some comparisons that you need to consider before you choose between glass and stainless mixer bowls.

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1. Practical Uses

Even a kitchen aid mixer can be made of some materials, and each kind of mixer has to be handled differently. In this case, glass mixer will be heavier than the stainless one when you are about to pour ingredients from the bowl.

However, you can see the ingredient quantity by marking the bowl since you can see through the glass while you will not be able to do the marking on the stainless one because you cannot see through it. That is why you will find glass bowl is more practical than stainless bowl.

Kitchenaid mixer glass bowl replacement

2. Expense

It is not a secret that usually kitchen aid mixer glass bowl is more expensive than the stainless one. As you will find any kind of price range, stainless mixer bowl is still less expensive than the glass.

Even the most expensive stainless mixer bowl sometime has the same price tag with an ordinary glass mixer bowl which is not categorized as an expensive one.

There are some reasons behind this price tag. One of them is because glass mixer bowl will match with any design of kitchen. The fact that we can see through glass make it perfect in any design of kitchen interior.

3. Aesthetics

Correlating with the previous factors, glass mixer bowl also has an aesthetics point that stainless do not have. Usually stainless mixer bowls are only match with kitchen with vintage style, but it will be strange if you have it in your rustic kitchen for example.

Meanwhile, glass mixer bowls will match with almost all design of the kitchen because of its transparency. Its transparency will not ruin the design of kitchen that you already have.

4. Useful Features

The last but not least, glass mixer bowls have some useful features that stainless mixer bowls do not have. Even some stainless mixer bowls are made with measuring lines that will ease you to follow a recipe. Sometime, the measuring lines do not work really well.

A different recipe will affect the taste of your meal or food. If you use glass, the measuring lines will work perfectly since you can also see the ingredients through glass.

Glass mixer bowls provide more various levels of measuring lines which will help you to be more accurate. Glass bowl can also be put into microwave to heat chocolate or butter. It is clearly something that you cannot do with stainless bowl.

Kitchenaid mixer stainless steel bowl

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Basically, each type of bowl has its benefits. Being sure of what meal you are going to cook and prepare is actually more important than thinking about what style that will match with your kitchen. It will be much better if you can get and combine both factors.

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