Mainstays Kitchen Island Cart

Mainstays Kitchen Island Cart

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The mainstays kitchen island cart is a solution for you who need practical help in the kitchen. With wheels below, it is easy to move and setup.

In addition to it, the small size of it will not make your small kitchen look crowded.

Here are some ideas about this wonderful furniture to make a perfect kitchen.

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1. Traditional Design

To match a traditional looking kitchen, choose a cart that is made of wood with mainstream details on its design. The use of stage floor can be used for this cart.

Normally you will get, a simple drawer on the top, a simple rack that is arranged by some wood slats in the middle, and a simple cabinet below to place food stuff. Give a simple bamboo ornament to make it more traditional with simplicity.

2. Natural Touch

Natural design should be easier to match to almost any kitchen interior concept. You don’t need too elaborated details as well. A drawer right below the countertop with two-door cabinet at the bottom should be enough.

You can add spices rack on each side with metal ornaments if you want more practical help. Just choose one with natural colors like ivory or white, black, or honey. It completes any kitchen design right away.

3. Matching the Wooden Floors

It is not really hard to match your kitchen wood floor. A marble or quartz countertop offers an elegant finish all the time.

For the below part of the cart, use the wooden material similar to the floor to create a consistent look on both aspects. To increase the space for the kitchen, use panels in the island that can place foodstuffs inside.

However, if you match the mainstays kitchen island cart with the floor, there is a huge risk it doesn’t match with the rest of the kitchen cabinetry.

Mainstays kitchen island cart multiple finishes

4. Keep Serving Tools

Considering that it is easier to move comparing to other details in the room, keep your serving tools on the drawer and cabinet.

Imagine a situation when you want to serve cakes. Placing the cake on top of the cart countertop, you can reach any serving tools in it as well.

Knives, forks, and spoons are in the drawer while small plates, napkin, and other possible things are in the cabinet below. Simply push the cart near to your guests and you are all set.

5. For Storing Trash

Do you think that your trash bin makes your kitchen looks not good? It can be a solution for you. This kitchen island can also be used to place the trash bin inside. Use the kitchen island that has the tilted panel so you can easily throw the trash while opened it.

Additional suggestion, it is better to use the stainless steel made for the island rather than the wooden one because the trash’s moisture and smell can break the structure of the wood.

Considering its practical design, you should maximize the usage. It should be helpful when you cook and you need to move a lot while finishing it.

It should be helpful when you serve the food. It should be helpful in transporting stuffs around the kitchen too. Explore for more function for even higher value.

Mainstays kitchen island cart white

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